• Marumi 62mm Neutral Density DHG ND8 Filter MND8X62DHG
    $ 74.99
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    Have you experienced the shutter being released earlier than you expected when shooting under too bright sunlight, when shooting a highly reflective water surface, etc.? The light volume can be reduced by using ND filter, and you can intentionally control shutter speed and iris value. Even beginners unfamiliar with slower shutter speeds or controlling aperture are capable of capturing better photos than usual. A DHG ND filter can control the amount of light and adjust the shutter speed, which is effective in preventing blown out hightlights caused by overexposure and degradation of digital image picture quality caused by excessive stopping-down.

    • Blackened outer rim of glass
    • AR multi coating
    • Ultra-thin frame design
    • Satin finish
    • Knurling Cap attachable
  • Marumi Vari ND2-ND400 72mm DHG MNDVAR172 Filter MNDVAR172
    $ 269.99
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    The MARUMI VARI ND2-ND400 is a variable Neutral density filter that allows the user to select the amount of light that enters the camera. This filter can allow the user to use slow shutter speeds on bright days for blur effects or reduce depth of field without affecting colour balance

  • Marumi 37mm UV Filter MAUV37
    $ 19.99

    Protect your cameras Lens with the Marumi Lens Protect

    • 37mm Lens Protect
    • Offers minimal lens flare and distortion
    • Deliver high quality lens protection