• Netatmo Presence Security Camera(with people, car and animal detection) NOC01-P2
    $ 539.00
    10 Fly Buys points

    Presence is the only consumer outdoor security system using a sophisticated deep learning technology, Smart Sight, enabling it to analyse and report precisely what's happening outside your home. The Alert-Zones feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts to know instantly when someone enters a selected zone.

    • Integrated smart floodlight which switches on only when needed, to help deter unwanted visitors, cars, animals or all three.
    • DIY installation: Presence simply replaces any existing outdoor light
    • At night, either watch discreetly with Presence's infra-red night vision or switch the camera's floodlight on.
    • Use live stream in the app, to view your property in real time from any device, anytime, anywhere. Scroll through past footage and download your videos.
    • Free video storage: Locally on the camera's microSD card.
    • Optional: store videos additionally on your Dropbox account or on your personal FTP server
  • Netatmo Urban Weather Station NWS01-P
    $ 329.99
    6 Fly Buys points

    Netatmo Weather Station measures information both indoors and outdoors, that is vital to your comfort and sends it straight to your smartphone

    • Measuring the indoor temperature, humidity noise pollution and CO2 levels, it warns you as soon as the indoor air quality detiorates and chooses the right time for you to ventilate your home. Plan your outdoor activities using the real time weather information from Weather Station's outdoor module
  • Netatmo Mount for Weather Station Gauges NWM01-WW
    $ 49.99

    Mount your Netatmo Wind or Rain Gauge to the wall, roof post, deck railings

  • Netatmo Rain Gauge for Weather Station NRG01-WW
    $ 169.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Providing real time readings of the amount of rainfall and accumulatedprecipitation data. Track rain information precisely so you will knowwhen you need to water your plants.

  • Netatmo Wind Gauge for Weather Station NWA01-WW
    $ 199.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Using the very latest in ultrasound technology to reliably and accurately measure the wind speed and direction

  • Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera NSC01-P
    $ 399.99
    7 Fly Buys points

    With revolutionary face recgonition technology, you can be alerted when the security camera sees a stranger

    • Welcome puts names to the faces it sees - Thanks to its revolutionary face recognition technology.
    • Know who is home, your loved ones or a stranger- Welcome sends the names of the people it sees directly to your smartphone. Be notified when your children or elderly parents are home. The security camera also alerts you when it sees a stranger.
    • Protect your family's privacy- Customise each person's privacy settings disable video recordings or notifications for individual people, such as your adolescent or partner.
    • Store your videos for free, locally or on the cloud
    • When Welcome hears an alarm, whether it be a smoke alarm, CO alarm, security alarm or siren, it will send a notification and record a video
  • Netatmo Additional Indoor Module for Weather Station NIM01-WW
    $ 169.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Wireless module providing temperature, humidity and CO2 readings for the room it is in, sending you alerts when you need to air out the house, making it healthier

  • Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren NIS01-P
    $ 169.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    The Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren works perfectly with your Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera to keep your home safe. Using facial recognition, the camera distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar faces, animals, and harmless movements. No false alarms! If an intruder is detected, it sends a notification to your smartphone, while the Indoor Siren automatically sounds its deafening 110-decibel alarm. The Netatmo Smart Alarm System arms and disarms itself automatically when you leave and return home. So if you dash out of the house to catch your train and forget to switch on the alarm, no problem! In addition, facial recognition prevents the Indoor Siren from going off when your children come home but raises the alarm if it detects an intruder while you are away.

    • The Smart Indoor Siren is easy to set up. Start by downloading the Netatmo Security app and follow the instructions. Simply place your Indoor Siren on a shelf or table or fix it to the wall next to your Smart Indoor Camera. The Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren can run on battery power or plugged in - it's up to you.
    • When it comes to deterring an intruder, you can never take too many precautions. In addition to its 110-decibel alarm, the Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren offers a selection of pre-recorded noises, including music and the sound of a dog barking. Select what it plays to make it sound like you're home - even when you're not.
    • Your Smart Indoor Siren tells you when someone tries to disable it. You receive an instant notification on your smartphone while your Indoor Siren sounds its 110-decibel alarm. Deter intruders and prevent break-ins effortlessly.
    • Automatic 110-decibel alarm when an intruder is detected.
    • Alarm System arms and disarms itself automatically.
    • Install it in minutes.
    • Pre-recorded noises make it sound like someone's home.
    • Smartphone notification if someone tries to disable the Indoor Siren.
    • Alarm can be activated via your smartphone.