Olimpia Splendid

  • Olimpia Splendid AirPro 14HP WiFi Portable Air Conditioner/Heat Pump AIRPROHP 14
    $ 1399.00
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    The Olimpia Splendid AIRPRO range was developed to give perfect air distribution, quietness, powerful efficiency and portability. Allowing you to use the AIRPRO in any setting or room. Requires external venting, sliding window vent kit included.

    • fan mode - use the air conditioner as a simple fan
    • cooling dehumidification - lower the humidity of the surroundings
    • cooling mode - 3 adjustable settings
    • automatic mode - modulates and regulates according to the space. Optimum in terms of ventilation, dehumidification and temperature
    • timer - automatically switches on and off the machine
    • modes: cooling, eco, dehumidification, fan, turbo
    • night (sleep) mode
    • cooling capacity: 3.5 kw
    • heating capacity: 2.9kw
    • Requires external venting
    • Sliding window kit included