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  • Body Benefits Percussive Massage Gun CBKM001A
    $ 359.99
    7 Fly Buys points

    A percussive therapy device is a personal use recovery tool, allowing users enjoy the below benefits at home and on-the-go

    • Stimulates blood flow which assists in releasing built up lactic acid and accelerating recovery.  
    • Speeds up muscle repair and reduces inflammation, providing relief from delayed onset muscle soreness.  
    • Natural stress reliever, relaxing your muscles by releasing tension and knots.
    • Help improve your mobility and flexibility within days.
    • Improved sports performance as helps increase power and performance, which makes the muscles more flexible and efficient.
  • Papillon Essential Oil Diffuser PLA1653
    $ 49.99

    The essential oil diffuser fills your space with a lovely fragrance that helps aid in stress relief and relaxation, balance, well-being and mood enhancement. It can provide relief from allergies while boosting the respiratory, circulatory and immune systems. The diffuser may also be used as a non-aromatherapy humidifier.

    • Essential Oil Diffuser
    • Stylish woodgrain base design
    • Ultrasonic technology
    • Colour changing mood lights
    • Ionising air purification
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Continuous mist
    • Four hours working time
    • Water shortage protection and auto off
    • Includes 2 100% Pure Essential Oils (Lavender and Eucalyptus)
  • Homedics Therapist Select Massage Gun PGM-745-AU
    $ 249.99
    4 Fly Buys points

    The HoMedics Physio Massage Gun delivers a targeted deep tissue massage to help relieve common muscle pain and stiffness. The Pro Series || Percussion Massage Gun provides fast & effective self-myofascial release with 6 intensities and 6 interchangeable attachments you can customize your massage to meet your needs.

    • Professional quality percussion massage
    • Easy to use LCD capacitive touch screen controls with digital readout
    • 6 intensities
    • 6 interchangeable attachments
    • LCD battery percentage indicator
    • On / off switch
    • Rubber grip handle
    • Rechargeable battery: 4 hour runtime, 4.5 hour charge time
    • Storage case included
  • Papillon Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser PLA1668
    $ 69.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Classic and elegant, this stylish aromatherapy diffuser decorates any room of your house while emitting soothing fragrances that can help aid stress relief and relaxation, balance, well-being and mood enhancement. It can provide relief from allergies while boosting the respiratory, circulatory and immune systems. The diffuser may also be used as a non-aromatherapy humidifier.

    • Modern patterned vase design
    • Touch sensor control
    • Ultrasonic diffusing technology
    • Colour changing mood lights
    • Ionising air purification
    • Whisper-quiet operation
    • Emits a fine continuous mist
    • Extra-long working time,
    • up to 8 hours
    • Water shortage
    • protection and auto-off
  • Homedics Vibration Neck Massager NMSQ-217H-AU
    $ 59.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Grab hold of the Vibration Neck Massager with heat in a new and updated design. Enjoy the pain-relieving ride anytime you need it. Its dual massage speeds, combined with intensity-controlling flex handles, puts you in total control of the massage intensity and lets you find your unique comfort zone. The soothing heat melts away discomfort, while the energetic vibration massage releases all of the stored tension and aches in your neck muscles. Meanwhile, two easy-to-reach buttons let you control it all from where you sit or stand. Perfect for your home or office. Operates via battery (4 AA batteries not included) or included adaptor for added convenience. 

    • Invigorating vibration massage relieves neck pain and tension
    • Soothing heat delivers added comfort and muscle relaxation
    • 2 speeds: choose low for relaxing massage or high for a more therapeutic massage
    • Integrated controls for ease of use
    • Multipurpose massager designed to provide a comfortable, relaxing massage to the shoulders, back, neck or thighs
    • Battery and adaptor driven for added convenience and mobility (4 AA not included)
  • Body Benefits Massaging Back & Seat Cushion CBM1RBA
    $ 99.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Massaging back and seat cushion. Perfect for home, office or car.

    • Perfect for home, office or car
    • Battery operated for cordfree convenience (batteries not included)
    • 3 Separate zones to massage your back - upper, lower left and lower right
    • Access push button controls attached
    • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • True Glow Bubbling Hydro Foot Spa CFB5LA
    $ 99.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Give your tired feet a genuine moment of well-being! Enjoy an invigorating massage with water, bubbles and heat to help relieve, comfort and stimulate minor muscular aches and pains

    • Custom spa setting combines bubbles & heat
    • Aeration jets release millions of bubbles for an invigorating massage
    • Massage tips to stimulate the soles of your feet
    • Arched pedicure massager
    • Convenient splash guard for no mess massaging
    • Extra-deep design to fully immerse both feet in water
  • Beurer Tapping Massager MG55
    $ 119.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    Enjoy soothing muscle relaxation with tapping massage and optional heat. With 3 interchangeable massage heads target the source of musclepain with a speed and heat setting that's sure to maximise relief. Features a modern design, 3 interchangeable attachments, ergonomic shape & non-slip handle.

    • Designed for muscle relaxation
    • Pleasant and soothing tapping massage
    • Infinitely variable massage intensity
    • Includes on/off heat function
    • 3 interchangeable massage attachments on rotary head
    • Easy securing of attachment heads for safe support
    • Ergonomic shape
    • Easy to handle
    • Non-slip grip
    • Stylish design
    • German design
  • Homedics Shiatsu Comfort Massage Pillow MP-10-AU
    $ 99.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Visiting a massage parlour on a regular basis can be costly and time-consuming, but with the HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Pillow, you can enjoy a heavenly massage anytime and anywhere without dropping big bucks on expensive massage therapy. Simply position the device on your neck, shoulders or back and let the Massager will do the rest! Feel the benefits of shiatsu Work the tension and spasms out of muscles thanks to the HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Pillow. By gently stretching and pulling of the muscle, the pillow helps to release built-up tension by pressing on acupressure points using the heated nodes.

    • Soothing Heat Function
    • Shiatsu Massage
    • Designed for use on the neck, back, shoulders, thighs and calves
    • Velcro Strap to secure to chair
  • Body Benefits Vibrating Massage Mat CBKM1500A
    $ 319.99
    6 Fly Buys points

    10 Invigorating Vibrating Massage Motors provide a rejuvenating and relaxing massage experience

    • 5 Massage Modes allows the user to select the mode that best suits their massage needs
    • Rubbing, Kneading, Flapping, Pushing and Light Tapping
    • 4 Targeted Massage Zones allows the user to target areas of muscle tension or soreness:
    • Neck, Back, Hips, Buttocks/Thighs
    • 3 Intensity Settings to provide a personalised massage experience - Low (L) / Medium (M) / High(H)
    • Heating Function for stimulating blood circulation.
    • Auto Shut Off for safety and also informs users of the completion of a recommended
    • session time.
    • 15 minutes when the warming function is not being used
    • 30 minutes when the warming function is being used.
  • Papillon Lavender 2Pack 100% Pure Essential Oil PLA1678
    $ 19.99

    Essential oils fill your space with a lovely fragrance that helps aid in stress relief and relaxation, balance, well-being and mood enhancement. Essential oils can also provide relief from allergies while boosting the respiratory, circulatory and immune systems.

    • Likely one of the most popular essential oils of all time, Lavender Oil has a beautiful, versatile aroma.
    • Lavender Oil with its calming and sedative properties make it a wonderful oil to help relax, fight stress and to
    • promote sleep.
    • Lavender is an essential oil that you will not want to live without.
    • AROMA: Floral
  • Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion SBM115HAU
    $ 179.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Experience a relaxing shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home with the HoMedics® Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat. This state-of-the-art massage cushion delivers a comforting massage that travels up and down your back to relax tense muscles. Whether you®re looking to relax your full, upper or lower back, the Shiatsu Massage Cushion has an integrated control allowing you to target your troubled spot. With its soothing heat feature you can enjoy the benefits of a personal masseuse in the comfort of your favourite chair.

    • Travelling Shiatsu mechanism moves up and down the back
    • 3 Programs for full, upper, or lower back
    • Soothing heat
    • Integrated control
    • Easily fits most chairs