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  • Facial cleansing brush for removing impurities trapped in the pores.

    • Removes impurities trapped in the pores
    • 10x more effective vs manual cleaning
    • Innovative dual action rotating and vibrating head
    • Interchangeable attachment heads
    • Normal for every day deep cleansing
    • Sensitive for gentle everyday cleansing
  • Dual-edged bladed trimmer features multiple cutting surfaces so hairs entering the trimmer are cut from sides and top.

    • Dual edged blade
    • Suitable for: Nose hair, eyebrows, beards and ear hair
  • Semiconductor technology with multiple load cell for extremely accurate weight measurements.

    • Intelligent 4 person user memory
    • Weight measurement in kg or lb's
    • 182kg / 401lb maximum weight
    • Displays weight in 0.05kg / 0.1lbs increments

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