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  • Philips Sublime Ends Hair Straightener BHS677/00
    $ 27.00

    Premium sublime ends straightener is our first straightener designed to protect you fragile ends. Thanks to our premier SplitStop Technology and floating plates you can enjoy beautifully styled hair with healthy looking ends!

    • Keratin infusion for better care
    • 2x stronger ionic conditioning for vibrant shine
    • SplitStop Technology for ultimate split ends prevention
    • UniTemp sensor for beautifully styled hair with less heat
    • Floating plates for gentle styling
    • Advanced Ceramic for smooth gliding and damage prevention
    • 14 digital temperature settings for absolute control
    • Fast heat up time, ready to use in 15 sec
    • 2m power cord
  • Braun Silk-Epil 5 SE5513 Wet and Dry Epilator SE5513
    $ 129.00
    2 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 11 May 2021.

    The Silk-épil 5 comes with a setting for gentle hair removal. With anti-slip grip you can epilate in the bath or shower, making it a virtually painless experience with frequent use of water - ideal for women who are new to epilation.

    • The comfort of Wet & Dry In your bath or in your shower, warm water helps you relax and makes it even more comfortable.
    • Micro-grip technology No more waiting for waxing. Catches 4x shorter hair than wax, even hair as short as a grain of sand. (0,5 mm).
    • High frequency massage system stimulates the skin for a more comfortable experience.
    • Choose your speed 2 speed settings for adaption to individual skin type and personal beauty routine.
    • Pivoting head gently adapts to the contours of your body for better skin contact.
    • The easy way to get used to epilation Shave and epilate in one gentle stroke with the beginner cap. The easy way to get used to epilation.
    • Stay independent Charge in only 1 hour for 30 minutes of use. Use cordless in shower or bath. Turn your epilator into a full performance electric shaver or trim body hair where preferred.
  • Philips Lumea Essential IPL Unit BRI863/00
    $ 799.99
    15 Fly Buys points

    Easy, long term hair reduction Philips Lumea Essential works wonders to prevent the reappearance of hair on face and body. Gentle pulses of light, applied regularly, keep skin silky-smooth every day.

    • Suitable for different hair and skin types
    • Safe and effective even on sensitive areas
    • Adapted for safe use in the comfort of your own home
    • Skin tone sensor
    • Automatic setting detects your skin tone and advises best setting
    • Slide and flash mode for a more convenient application
    • No replacement parts and no hidden costs
  • Braun Silk-expert Pro5 IPL PL5137
    $ 769.99
    15 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 11 May 2021.

    Braun Silk-expert Pro5 IPL hair removal system is safe, fast & effective permanent visible hair removal with the only IPL technology that automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone. Plan & track your treatments with the Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL app.

    • Recommended by Skin Health Alliance - Dermatologically accredited and skin safe by a leading international skin health organization
    • 3 comfort modes - Normal, gentle or extra gentle setting.
    • 400,000 flashes, 10 intensity levels - 400,000 flashes delivers an equivalent of 22 years of treatment.
    • The safest IPL thanks to SensoAdapt(tm) technology.1 - Skin tone varies across your body, so the SensoAdapt(tm) sensor (with UV protection) continuously reads the skin tone and adapts the flash intensity for the safest & most effective permanent visible hair removal.
    • Precision head - The precision head allows you to tackle smaller or trickier areas like face, bikini and underarms.
    • Fast gliding and stamp mode - The gliding mode triggers more flashes for the fastest treatment, ideal for large body parts, while the stamp mode provides a more precise treatment suitable for smaller and sensitive areas.
    • The fastest IPL. Treat both legs in less than 5 minutes at the lowest energy level.
    • Plan and track your treatments - The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL app helps you track your treatments and follow your progress. It also shows you how the SensoAdapt(tm) skin-tone sensor works and how best to use the device.
    • 1 Assessed on lower leg, armpits & bikini, following the treatment schedule. Individual results may vary. Efficiency based on the combination of window size, speed and energy. Safety technology shared with Cyden.
  • Dyson Airwrap Travel Pouch AIRWRAPPOUCH
    $ 89.00
    1 Fly Buys points

    Dyson designed travel pouch for your Airwrap

    • Compatible with Dyson Airwrap Complete and Dyson Airwrap Long Complete
  • Dyson Airwrap Gift Edition 372330-01
    $ 849.00
    16 Fly Buys points

    Curl. Wave. Smooth. Dry. With no extreme heat. Using direct extreme heat alone, like some conventional hair curlers, can create tight, flat curls. The Dyson AirwrapTM styler uses air to curl, creating voluminous, natural-looking curls and waves. Harnessing an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect, the Dyson smoothing brushes attract hair to the surface of the brush, propelling air along the hair strands, to mimic a stylist's blow-dry technique. The Dyson AirwrapTM styler is engineered to style your hair from damp. By combining the water in your hair with powerful airflow and controlled heat, it can style and dry at the same time - with no extreme heat. Coanda air styling propelled by the Dyson digital motor V9. Curl. Wave. Smooth. Dry. With no extreme heat

    • The Dyson AirwrapTM styler comes with 6 different styling attachments for different styles:
    • 30mm AirwrapTM barrels Create and set voluminous curls. With clockwise and anti-clockwise barrels for symmetrical curls.
    • 40mm AirwrapTM barrels Create and set loose curls or waves. With clockwise and anti-clockwise barrels for symmetrical curls.
    • Firm smoothing brush Creates a straighter style with less frizz and fewer flyaways. With firm bristles engineered to control unruly, frizz-prone hair.
    • Soft smoothing brush Creates a smooth, blow-dry finish. With soft, ball-tip bristles engineered to be gentle on the scalp.
    • Round volumising brush Directs air into the hair to give body, and the bristles create tension to shape hair as it dries.
    • Pre-styling dryer Takes hair from wet to damp, ready for styling.
    • Powered by the Dyson digital motor V9 Its 13-blade impeller spins at up to 110,000rpm, generating 3.2kPa of pressure - enough to create the Coanda effect.
    • No extreme heat Intelligent heat control measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second and regulates heat, to ensure it always stays below 150°C.
    • Attracts and wraps hair, using air The Coanda effect attracts hair to the barrel, then wraps it for you. No clamping, gloves or awkward winding mechanisms. Just voluminous curls and waves.
    • Styles and dries simultaneously The Dyson AirwrapTM styler combines powerful airflow with controlled heat, to dry and style your hair from damp - with no extreme heat.
    • Coanda to smooth The smoothing brushes harness the Coanda effect to attract hair to the surface of the brush, propelling air along the strands, to mimic a stylist's blow-dry technique.
    • Storage case Protects and neatly stores your Dyson AirwrapTM styler and its attachments. Finished in tan, cushioned with soft fabric, and secured by a magnetic clasp.
  • Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator BRE605/00
    $ 87.00
    1 Fly Buys points

    Our fastest ever epilator has unique ceramic discs that rotate at a greater speed than ever before and firmly grip fine and short hairs. It comes with an extra - wide epilation head that covers more skin with every stroke.

    • Patented epliation system with tweezers lifting flat lying hair for easy removal
    • Epilation head of unique micro ridged ceramic material for better grip
    • Wet and dry for use in bath or shower
    • 2 speed settings
    • Up to 40 minutes run time
    • 1.5 hour charge time
  • Braun Body Mini Trimmer BS1000
    $ 79.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The Mini trimmer is designed for versatility, with a compact design suited to different areas of your body. Remove and trim hair with reliable control and precision anywhere, anytime.

    • 1. Quick & easy: mini-sized for portability - efficient body hair removal
    • 2. Gentle & compact: built for efficient and sensitive body hair trimming for everybody
    • 3. Wet & Dry: 100% waterproof, for use as you prefer
    • 4. Precise: German cutting technology for precise body hair trimming and shaping
    • 5. Multipurpose: usable for hair removal trimming and shaping on different areas of your body
  • Philips Sublime Ends Hair Curler BHB871/00
    $ 119.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    Sublime Ends Curler is our first curler designed to protect your fragile ends when you style. Thanks to our premier SplitStop Technology you can create those natural looking curls without worry so hide no more and step into the spotlight!

    • Up to 210°C for perfect results
    • SplitStop Technology for ultimate split ends prevention
    • Keratin infusion for better care
    • 9 digital temperature settings for absolute control
    • Longer barrel for long or thick hair
    • Fast heat up time, ready to use in 45 sec
    • Auto shut-off for safe usage
    • Swivel cord to prevent tangled wires
    • 1.8 m power cord
    • Auto shut-off for safe usage