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    $ 59.99
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    A wall-charger that's tiny in stature but big on power. At the heart of the Rapid Power 2 Port 40W Wall Charger is its GaN chipset, next-gen charger anatomy that drives your charger to far greater heights than traditional chargers.

    • Smart Charge Two Devices Simultaneously - The 2 Port 40W GaN Charger's dual USB-C ports power up multiple battery-hungry devices concurrently. With Smart Power Allocation, each port will output the maximum power of up to 30W when a single device is being charged or up to 20W when two devices are being charged simultaneously.
    • High Speed Charging - Up to 30W PD. The charger delivers up to 30W charging power when you plug popular devices like MacBook Air, iPad Pro/Air and Nintendo Switch into the USB-C port.
    • Charge Your Apple Devices - 40W of Convenience. If you love Apple devices, you'll also find plenty to love about ALOGIC's 2 Port 40W GaN Charger. The charger's dual-ports are locked and loaded with all the zing you need to bump your suite of Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air device batteries all the way up on even their busiest days. For the easy way to keep your Apple devices in the green, just plug them in.
    • GaN Technology - A Next-Gen Charging Force. The ALOGIC Rapid Power USB-C Charger incorporates GaN "Gallium Nitride", a next-generation semiconductor that replaces silicon and enables very high energy & power in a very small compact & portable size. The 40W GaN charger lets you charge any USB-C equipped devices such as laptops, tablets and phones etc simultaneously at the highest possible speed.
    • Universal Compatibility - USB-C charging for modern devices. Traditional chargers do their best work with specific devices. ALOGIC's 2 Port 40W GaN Charger isn't a traditional charger. Boasting USB-C Power Delivery technology, it's a one-stop fast-charging source for all your favourite USB-C devices. Power your smartphones, tablets and other everyday devices with up to 20W per-port. Plug in your MacBook Air or other ultra-portables in isolation for up to 30W of power. Your new charger can even restore a half-empty iPhone 12 battery to full in 30 minutes.
  • Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger Pad 7.5W WIA005BTBK
    $ 69.99
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    Designed so that you can keep using your phone while it charges, and place or take it anywhere with an extra-long cable.

    • Magnet attachment: easy-alignment, charge while using your phone
    • Non-slip while on table; easy to pick up from nightstand in pad mode
    • Portable for travel use
    • Charge from a MacBook
    • Foreign object detection