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  • Canon EW-63C Lens Hood


    $ 39.99

    The EW-63C Lens Hood from Canon fits their EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens. It shields the front element of the lens from unwanted lightto prevent glare, while also providing physical protection against impact.

  • Marumi 58mm Circular Polarizing Filter


    $ 89.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Circular Polarizing Filter for Digital Camera/Camcorder Lenses

    • High quality optically ground glass filter
    • Used for increasing contrast in bright light situations
    • Reduces glare and reflections from reflective surfaces e.g. glass water etc
    • Reduces bright light to give more suitable exposures
    • Designed for digital sensor cameras
    • Made in Japan
    • 1 year warranty
  • Marumi 52mm UV Filter


    $ 29.99

    Protection Filter UV Filter for Digital Camera/Camcorder Lenses

    • High quality optically ground glass filter
    • Minimizes ultraviolet rays
    • Provides protection to front element of camera lenses
    • External thread for screwing on additional filters
    • Reduces or eliminates internal light reflections on to camera sensor
    • Made in Japan
    • 1 year warranty
  • Marumi 49mm UV Filter


    $ 29.99

    Protect your cameras Lens with the Marumi DHG Lens Protect

    • 49mm DHG Lens Protect
    • Offers minimal lens flare and distortion
    • Delivers high quality lens protection
  • Nikon ML-L7 REMORE FOR P1000


    $ 77.99
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    Remotely trigger your COOLPIX P1000 camera with this ML-L7 Bluetooth Remote Control from Nikon. Bluetooth connectivity is used to wirelessly control camera functions like zoom and change settings like aperture and ISO, all without compromising your camera's composition.

    • Works With Nikon COOLPIX P1000
    • Wirelessly Trigger Shutter
    • Remotely Adjust Settings, Including Zoom
  • c The Complete Digital SLR Photography Course DVD


    $ 19.99

    The complete SLR Digital Photography course has everything you need tostart shooting quality professional photos in a little under 2 hours

  • Canon Speedlite 430EX III Flash


    $ 499.99
    9 Fly Buys points

    The perfect high power, all-round flash for enthusiasts

    • Take beautiful portraits in any light with ease
    • Bounce shooting function to capture every angle
    • Head can freely turn up to 90° up, 150° to the left, and 180° to the right for smart angle photography
    • Add light and movement with the in-built catch panel
    • Battery power for on the go usage
  • Sony VCTRBM2 Rollbar Mount for Sony Action Camera


    $ 37.97

    The Roll Bar Mount can be fixed firmly on wide range of diameters with 2 types of bundled belts, not only on cylindrical shapes but also on various other shapes. You can enjoy realistic video shooting as never before from any preferred angle by attaching the camera on the bottom of a bicycle, etc.

    • Easy and fast to detach
    • Excellent stability when mounted because rubber is attached on the back side of the belt
    • Suitable for shooting in various angles and in varied situations, suchas bicycle, motorsports, windsurfing and boat
  • Hahnel Remote Shutter Release Pro for Canon

    HRC 280 PRO

    $ 39.99

    Remote shutter release with 2m extension cable included

    • Autofocus, Bulb Function & Continuous Shooting functions
    • Convenient 2m extension cable included with twist & lock system for secure connection
    • Supplied with interchangeable camera connectors for multiple DSLR's of one brand
    • Textured anti-slip material provides a secure grip & gives additional durability
    • Reduce Camera Shake
    • Lightweight, portable & reliable
  • Sony NPFV70A Camcorder Battery


    $ 149.99
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    The Sony NP-FV70A is a 7.3V, 1900mAh capacity lithium-ion battery compatible with all Handycam camcorders. It's designed with Sony's V-Series InfoLITHIUM feature, which enables it to communicate remaining time in minutes to the camera's LCD, so you know exactly how much time you have left. It can be charged while connected to the camera or off a dedicated charger, such as the AC-VQV10.

    • 7.3V, 1900mAh Capacity Li-Ion Battery
    • Communicates Remaining Minutes to LCD
  • Nikon EN-EL20A Battery


    $ 89.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Battery for the P1000

  • Canon EW73C Lens hood for EFS 10-18


    $ 39.99

    The Canon EW-73C Lens Hood is dedicated to the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM lens and helps to minimize flare by deflecting stray light from entering lens. The hood also provides additional protectionto the lens from accidental impacts, bumps, and scratching.