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  • Endeavour Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Built-in Remote ENDSELFY
    $ 29.99

    Extends up to 90CM, compatible with Andriod and iOS.

    • Extends up to 90CM
    • Built in Bluetooth function
    • Compatible with Android and iOS
    • Lightweight, Sturdy & Portable
    • Non slip grip
    • GoPro mount included
  • Endeavour X2 Aluminum 4-Section Tripod END4TRI
    $ 69.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Light & sturdy aluminium design tripod.

    • Pan & tilt function with 360-degree rotating head
    • Non-slip rubber foot for stability
    • 1/4 Universal camera screw
    • Quick release plate
    • Platform locking knob
    • Built-in spirit level
    • Support stand at the bottom for extra stability
    • Includes carry bag.
  • Endeavour Flexi Leg Tripod with Ball Head ENDFLEX
    $ 39.99

    Take your photography to the next level through the Endeavour Flexible Tripod. From medium sized cameras to cellphones this tripod will securely hold your gear to get the best shot.

    • Swivel Head for 360* Photography
    • Light & Portable
    • Universal camera screw mount
    • Flexible legs can securely wrap around virtually any surface
    • Flip lock to loosen or tighten ball head with ease
    • Includes smartphone & Gopro mounts
    • Includes bluetooth remote
  • Inca i3530D 3-Way Tripod ICI3530D
    $ 49.99

    With a sturdier more compact head, the i3530D is the best value tripod in the market in its size. Great camera support for entry level/enthusiast photographers, with excellent quality, durability and price point

    • '3 way head with quick release plate
    • Mid level leg stabilisation system and canopy
    • Geared aluminium centre column with spirit level
    • 3 piece brace tubes are make of plastic
    • Flip leg locks for fast setup 21.3mm max tube size
    • Tripod bag included for carrying ease
  • Endeavour X1 Lite Travel Tripod ENDTRA
    $ 49.99

    The ultra lightweight travel tripod.

    • Ultra light weight
    • Pan & tilt function with 360 degree rotating head
    • Non-slip rubber foot for stability
    • 1/4 Universal camera screw
    • Quick-release plate
    • Built-in spirit level
    • Support stand at the bottom for stability
    • Max working height: 121cm
    • Max load: 2kg
    • Tripod weight: 0.54kg
    • Includes carry bag
  • Joby GripTight One GorillaPod Stand JB01491
    $ 59.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Hold it. Wrap it. Stand it. Discover the world's most compact solution for mobile content creation! The streamlined version of our flexible pro-level GorillaPod® tripods, the GripTight ONE GP Stand is always up for exploring extreme angles while keeping a firm grasp on your phone.

    • Flexible legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles and precise composition control
    • Bend legs to create a handle for selfies, vlogging or hand-held on-the-go video
    • Rubber foot grips provide stability on any surface for crisp photo and video captures and viewing
    • Redesigned right-angle fold, stainless steel reinforced ballhead, perfect for portrait shots and compact storage
  • Endeavour X3 PRO Aluminum 4-Section Professional Tripod END4PTRI
    $ 99.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The ultra-portable professional aluminum tripod. Ideal for cameras, spotting scopes & binoculars.

    • Pan & tilt function, 360-degree rotating head
    • Four dimensional ball head
    • Twist lock system for faster release of tripod legs
    • Shoot 360-degree panorama with built-in flip ball
    • Slip-resistant rubber feet to increase stability
    • Anodized aluminium tripod legs
    • Built-in tripod hook to suspend counterweights for extra stability
    • Holds up to 2.5kg
    • Includes high-quality nylon carry bag
    $ 69.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Mini Tripod for Smart phone comfortable handgrip, push button locking mechanism for easy set up, lightweight & intuitive to use & carry

    • Mini tripod for CSCs and smartphones
    • Smartphone clamp with 1/4 thread attachment included
    • Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos
    • Push button locking mechanism for easy set-up
    • Lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry
  • Joby GripTight One GP Magnetic Impulse JB01494
    $ 89.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Set up the perfect shot wherever you find it with this ultimate smartphone photography kit. Modernized compact magnetic tripod, secure grip and Bluetooth® Impulse remote offer all you need to capture jaw-dropping content from any angle.

    • Rare, super-strong neodymium magnetic feet securely attach to most metal surfaces
    • Kit includes Impulse Remote shutter with certified Bluetooth technology good up to 90 feet away (no app required)
    • Bend legs to create a handle for front camera photos, vlogging or hand-held on-the-go video
    • Universal smartphone compatibility
  • Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod ACN-BK MFMKCOMPACTACNBK
    $ 179.00
    3 Fly Buys points

    The Compact Action is the best choice for owners of entry level DSLRs with standard kit lenses who like to shoot a lot of photos and movies.The ergonomic joystick head with scroll-wheel locking mechanism is very intuitive and easy-to-use. Its comfortable grip allows you to capture smooth movies and great images with little effort.

    • Colour: Black
    • Material: Aluminium legs and technopolymer
    • Weight: 1.16kg
  • Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod Black MTPIXI-B
    $ 49.99

    The Manfrotto PIXI is the perfect mini tripod for Compact System Cameras (CSC). It has been designed to satisfy the needs of those consumers that are looking for a support that is lightweight, portableand easy to use. The PIXI is great for achieving hard to get video shots while keeping your camera steady. Close the legs to use it as a comfortable grip to capture great videos that stand out from the crowd.

    • Mini Ball Head with Single Knob
    • 1/4"-20 Camera screw
    • Stainless Steel and Adaptor Polymer
    • Rubber Feet
    • 5.3" Maximum Height
    • Supports up to 2.2lb
    • Weight: 6.7 oz
  • Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod Black MFMKCOMPACTADVBK
    $ 219.00
    4 Fly Buys points

    The Compact Advanced features an inventive, foldable three-way head for great stability and accuracy in framing your subject. This tripod is target at more advanced photo enthusiasts who own an entry level DSLR with standard zoom lenses up to 200mm. This three-way head has two independent, ergonomic levers. One controls both pan and tilt movement simultaneously whereas the second controls levelling. With these two control-levers you can easily obtain level, well-framed images.