• PowerAll Supreme 16000mAh Power Bank with 600Amp Jump Starter


    $ 249.99
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    This portable power bank will not only recharge all your smartphones, tablets and other USB powered devices on-the-go, it can also jump start the most powerful of engines with a massive 600Amp maximum output. Ideal for the back of the ute, on the farm or on the boat

    • Max output 600amp jump start current
    • 16000mAh portable rechargeable battery with dual USB outports to quickly charge two devices at once
    • USB charging adapter cable with multiple device tips
    • 2.1amp output for optimised tablet recharging
    • Stand by battery life of up to six months, perfect peace of mind power companion for the glovebox, boat or emergency survival kit
    • Ultra-bright LED flash light with SOS signal
    • Advanced built-in current and circuit protection to ensure the safety of all your devices and vehicles
    • 1 Year warranty
  • PowerAll XL3 16000mAh Heavy Duty Power Bank Jump Starter - 1000A, 12V


    $ 399.99
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    The ALL NEW Powerall XL3 is the latest and greatest lithium jump starter that has come out of the PowerAll Factory. Let's first begin with it's all new ruggedly built exterior design. It is IP65 rated, so you're protected when you're out on your adventures or in bad weather conditions. The front has a blue LED light battery indicator to keep you informed on how much juice the XL3 has left.

    • The PowerAll XL3 now features 1000A of power to jump start vehicle! That's a lot of power so you can jump start several vehicles at a time, or a big a truck up to 7.0L engine.
    • Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight
    • Equipped with an ultra-bright LED flashlight with three illumination modes for different use. Standard Flashlight mode can be used in a power outage or when working on a vehicle. Strobe Light mode can be used when changing a tire on the side of the road at night to alert oncoming traffic. SOS Flashlight mode for outdoor emergency assistance that last up to 48 hours.
    • Emergency Battery Jump Starter
    • Powerful enough to jump start most gas engines up to 5.0L in a matter of seconds. On a full charge, it can easily jump start vehicles multiple times. You can store it in your glove compartment or trunk of your vehile for up to 6 months and still have power to jump start your vehicle. Our lithium jump starters are the only ones on the market that has true voltage feed-back protection in case you forget to disconnect the jumper cables from the battery.