Tech Will Save Us

  • Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit


    $ 29.99

    Electricity. Beamed through the air. Discover your creative superpower by supercharging your bike! Simply strap the bolts to your wheels and the hub to your frame and zap!

    • Wireless emitter for unbelievable wireless power!
    • Two capacitors to hold the charge for your electricity
    • Two cable ties to tie your bike lights to your wheels
    • Two awesome lightning bolts to house your lights
    • Three LED lights to make flash when you ride
    • Easy to access online manual
    • Two wires to thread through your lightning bolts
  • Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit


    $ 49.99

    Fun, coding and creativity in one easy to use kit. The Creative Coder kit is the ideal way to introduce coding to kids. After all, play is the best way to learn! Kids use the visual coding software to program the Creative Coder Kit to react to their movement and play in endless ways.

    • Casing & Battery Pack
    • Snapband
    • Velcro Strap
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Free access to the Tech Will Save Us coding software
    • Brain and Light PCBs
  • Tech Will Save Us Sew & Glow Kit


    $ 29.99

    Design and build glowing badges that light up with the touch of a button - PING! Bring your very own designs to life through the amazing power of electro thread. Sewing badges. Making circuits. Playing with Power. Discover your creative superpowers by creating light-up badges with flashy electro thread. Let's get inventing to unleash your creative superpowers!

    • Two badge templates to help with your creations
    • Four coloured felt squares to build your badges with
    • Sewing thread to attach the badges to your bag or clothes
    • Electro-thread to make your creations light up
    • A pen to help draw out your designs
    • The sew & glow battery pack to make your ideas come alive
    • Two Tech-moji templates for inspiration
    • Fifteen connectors to build your circuits with
    • Two needles to help you sew
    • An easy to access manual available on all devices