• DDS Amplified Flat Panel DVB-T Indoor Freeview Antenna


    $ 69.99
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    DDS402 Amplified Flat Panel DVB-T Indoor Freeview Antenna

    • 4G Ready
    • Full HD Ready, 3G/4G Interference Free
    • 1m Coaxial Cable included
    • UHF 502-698MHz
    • Powered by AC adaptor, USB or directly via DVB-T receiver
    • Built-in high gain and low noise amplifier
    • GSM filter to improve digital performance and anti-ghosting
    • Shielded for minimum interference
    • Horizontal or Vertical positioning for best possible reception
  • DDS Amplified Digital Outdoor UHF Antenna


    $ 99.99
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    DDS701 Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna

    • Freeview DVB-T
    • HD Read,
    • Simple 4 step assembly
    • All elements already pre-mounted
    • 26dB, Wideband UHF reception
    • 4G ready (502-698Mhz ensuring no interference with future 4G network)
    • GSM filter blocker,
    • Includes 10m coaxial cable and connectors
  • DDS 30dB Outdoor UHF HD Aerial


    $ 119.99
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    Outdoor Antenna for receiving DVB-T (Freeview) digital television

    • Full HD Ready
    • Simple 5 step assembly, all elements are premounted
    • GSM filter to improve digital performance and anti-ghosting
    • Amplified waterproof dipole box with F connector
    • Includes Coaxial cable and connectors
    • DVB-T Freeview compatible
    • Frequency response: 502-694Mhz
    • Passive antenna gain: 11 - 15dB Amplifier gain: 13.5 - 15dB Beam Width H/V: H34o / V38o Front - Back ratio: 20 - 24dB Impedance: 75? Antenna length: 1282mm Aluminium antenna carrier with size 18x18mm 10m Coax cable including F-Type & IEC Coax connector
  • DDS 5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender with IR Extender


    $ 149.99
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    Wireless AV Sender with IR Extender

    • 5.8GHz ISM band
    • FM Modulation for Audio and Video
    • IR Extender with Carrier Frequency adjustable 38K/56K
    • Suitable for MySky HDi
    • Compact and Stylish Design
    • Video and S-Video
    • IR Extending Probe
    • Patch Type Antenna
    • Slide Switch for Channel Selection

Antennas & Aerials

Need better TV reception? Get rid of poor picture and sound quality when you make the move to digital. Improve your TV signal with a UHF Aerial and get the added bonus of Freeview TV. The aerial will boost both the analogue and digital signals on your TV and ensure they are picked up wherever you might be. This comes in handy in rooms like the kitchen, bedroom or study where signals are potentially low. Transform your television experience and choose one of our outdoor UHF aerials or choose one of our flat panel indoor antennas.