• DDS Amplified Flat Panel DVB-T Indoor Freeview Antenna


    $ 69.99
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    DDS401 Amplified Flat Panel DVB-T Indoor Freeview Antenna

    • 4G Ready
    • 1m Coaxial Cable included
    • UHF 520-698MHz
    • Unit can be positioned Horizontal or Vertical
    • Powered via Mains/Set-top Box/USB from TV
  • DDS 30dB Outdoor UHF HD Aerial


    $ 119.99
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    Outdoor Antenna for receiving DVB-T (Freeview) digital television

    • Full HD Ready
    • Simple 5 step assembly, all elements are premounted
    • GSM filter to improve digital performance and anti-ghosting
    • Amplified waterproof dipole box with F connector
    • Includes Coaxial cable and connectors
    • DVB-T Freeview compatible
    • Frequency response: 502-694Mhz
    • Passive antenna gain: 11 - 15dB Amplifier gain: 13.5 - 15dB Beam Width H/V: H34o / V38o Front - Back ratio: 20 - 24dB Impedance: 75? Antenna length: 1282mm Aluminium antenna carrier with size 18x18mm 10m Coax cable including F-Type & IEC Coax connector
  • DDS 5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender with IR Extender


    $ 149.99
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    Wireless AV Sender with IR Extender

    • 5.8GHz ISM band
    • FM Modulation for Audio and Video
    • IR Extender with Carrier Frequency adjustable 38K/56K
    • Suitable for MySky HDi
    • Compact and Stylish Design
    • Video and S-Video
    • IR Extending Probe
    • Patch Type Antenna
    • Slide Switch for Channel Selection
  • DDS Amplified Digital Outdoor UHF Antenna


    $ 99.99
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    DDS701 Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna

    • Freeview DVB-T
    • HD Read,
    • Simple 4 step assembly
    • All elements already pre-mounted
    • 26dB, Wideband UHF reception
    • 4G ready (502-698Mhz ensuring no interference with future 4G network)
    • GSM filter blocker,
    • Includes 10m coaxial cable and connectors