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  • Endeavour Optical Cable - 3M


    $ 29.99

    Optical Cable - 3M

  • Endeavour Laptop Charger Universal AC/DC power 90W


    $ 99.99
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    The Endeavour Laptop Charger & Adapter is a powerful 90W adapter with over-voltage, over-current and built-in surge protection to keep your laptop safe from unexpected surges and spikes. Don't lug bulky cables between the home and office - this charger is ideal as a spare charger for travel or to replace a charger that's been lost.

    • Surge protection
    • 8 Tips to suit most laptops
    • High-capacity output
    • 3M cable
  • Endeavour 3.5mm AUX Cable White - 1m


    $ 12.99

    Endeavour Axillary Cord with Gold Pin 1M Rose Gold

    • 3.5mm Aux Pin
    • 1 metre long
    • Rose gold colour
    • PVC material
  • Endeavour Outbound Travel Adaptor -NZ/AU to Europe, Bali


    $ 19.99

    International Travel adaptor converts Australian and New Zealand plugs to fit the 2pin continental European socket.

    • For AU/NZ Travelers going to Europe, Bali and more
    • Max Loading 10A, 250V
    • Ideal for use with portable electronic devices
    • Please note this is not a Voltage converter
  • Endeavour Aerial Extension Cable Pack


    $ 49.99

    Extend satellite or aerial cables, move or connect satellite/vhf/uhf equipment

    • 1x F socket with coax socket adaptor - gold plated
    • 2x F socket with coax plug adaptor - gold plated
    • 1x F socket with F socket adaptor - gold plated
    • 1x VHF UHF two way splitter
    • 10 meters of quad screened RG6 cable with molded F plug connectors
  • Endeavour Optical Cable


    $ 39.99

    This cable is capable of transporting digital audio data at up to 125 Megabits per second! It is the perfect cable for connecting your sound bar to your TV or other audio devices which have optical connections available.

    • Toslink to Toslink Optical cable
    • Convenient 2m length
    • 24k gold plated copper connector for best connectivity and signal protection
    • Malleable and flexible cable for ease of installation
    • Completely eliminate RFI, EMI and ground loop interference
    • Nitrogen gas injected di-electric vibration absorption insulation to reduce digital jitter
  • Endeavour 6 Outlet Powerboard with Surge & Wide Spaced Socket


    $ 19.99

    The Endeavour 6 Outlet Powerboard comes complete with surge protection and two wide spaced sockets. Built-in cable storage means you can simply wrap the cables around the powerboard when not in use. Wall fixing capability is included.

    • 6 x 10A Power Outlets
    • 2 x Wide Spaced Sockets
    • 1m Power Cord
    • Right Angled Plug
    • Surge Protection with LED indicator
    • Overload Protection
    • Wall Fixing Capability
    • Built-in Cable Management
    • 10 Amp, 2400W Max
  • Endeavour F-Type Plug to Plug Cable - 4M


    $ 38.99

    F-Type Plug to Plug Cable - 4M

  • Belkin Ultimate 8-Way Surge Protector 3m Cord


    $ 179.99
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    Protects valuable electronics from damaging power surges, therefore, offer additional peace of mind

    • 8 Surge protected AC outlet
    • 2142 Joules
    • Surge protected telephone, aerial and networking ports
    • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Gulp Desktop Power Station with 1.8M Cord


    $ 29.99

    With the Gulp Power Station plugged into one socket, you immediately gain 3 additional power points & 3 USB ports. From televisions to phones chargers you will never run out of power and USB outlets to use

    • 3 x 10Amp Power Sockets
    • 3 x USB Charging Ports
    • 3.4Amp Max Charging Capacity
    • Total Max Load - 10A, 2400W Max
    • 1.8m Power Lead
    • 3 x 1.00m2 Ordinary Duty Cable
    • Overload Protection
    • 12 Month Warranty
  • Endeavour 2x RCA Plug to Plug - 2m


    $ 19.99

    2x RCA Plug to Plug - 2m

    • 2x RCA male - male
    • For home audio systems
  • Belkin Single Surge Protector


    $ 29.99

    The Belkin single outlet surge protectors provide extra outlets and power extension from wall outlets. Compared to regular power strips, the Belkin single outlet surge protectors protects valuable electronics from damaging power surges, therefore, offer additional peace of mind

    • Surge protector
    • Single outlet
    • LED light indicates while charging
    • Limited lifetime warranty