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Product Overview

Finding your next movie or show to watch can be frustrating. Clicking countless buttons on the remote as you navigate cluttered screens. The new Apple TV changes all that. Bypass those confusing remote buttons with a simple swipe of your thumb. See your entertainment options clearly laid out before you. It's an experience designed to make you feel like you're interacting directly with your screen, even though it's on the other side of the room.

  • Apple TV - 64GB
  • Feel fully immersed in your screen. Even from across the room Many of the products we make - iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch - are built around the same profound experience: connecting you directly with what's on your screen. Simple, natural movements of your finger play abig role in that. But how do you create that same immersive experience with a screen that's hanging on the wall three metres away. The new Apple TV interface solves that fundamental challenge by using Touch tore-imagine how you interact with your TV screen
  • Touch. The most natural way to navigate.
  • A clean design that brings your content to life.
  • Quickly bounce between apps.
  • Customise the Home screen.
  • New cinematic screen savers.


Product Specifications

Through apps, Apple TV gives you access to the most riveting entertainment content. Apps like Netflix and iTunes have full catalogues of hit movies. You'll also find your favourite professional sports. Breaking news and weather. Fun stuff just for kids. Educational programming, music concerts and more. It's hard to believe so much great content can fit into such a tiny package
Apple TV makes it easy to catch all the latest entertainment on iTunes. You can rent or purchase recent box-office hits and cinema classics, and even enjoy bonus content with iTunes Extras. Many moviesare available the same day they come out on DVD.
Get instant access to streaming services like Netflix and full-season sports subscriptions from NBA. It?s never been easier to create your own customised TV experience.
Bigger games on bigger screens. With incredible home theatre sound. The App Store on the new Apple TV will redefine your lounge room. Beyond amazing games, you can expect completely new experiences made specifically for the lounge room ? imagine anything from booking accommodation to enjoying family game night right there on your TV. Who knows what developers will create on such a grand scale.
The same remote you use to watch TV can also be used to conquer alien planets or drive in the Indy 500. That?s because the Apple TV Remote doubles as a dynamic game controller, with the Touch surface acting asa virtual directional pad. It even has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. And in case the action gets too exciting (and it will), there?s a Remote Loop, sold separately, to keep your remote tethered during gameplay.
Your entire library of personal content. Right there on your TV for you or everyone to see and hear. It?s everything you love. Only bigger.
Imagine you, your family and your friends on the big screen ? now that?s entertainment. Apple TV makes it easy to share all your photos and home videos from iCloud, displaying them in impressive fashion on your HDTV. It?s a great way to turn your life?s best moments into the life of the party.
With AirPlay, you can wirelessly stream content on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac to your HDTV. Peer-to-peer AirPlay makes it easy forguests to share content from their Mac or iOS device directly to your TV ? without learning your Wi-Fi password or having to connect to yourhome network. And with AirPlay Mirroring, you can display the screen of your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac on your HDTV. So when you tap,swipe, pinch or play something, it shows up big time.