• Panasonic Blu-ray Player


    now $ 99.99
    3 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 29 June 2017.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 29 June 2017.

    Take your movie experience to another level with the compact and smart BD84 Blu-ray Player. It plays photos from external HDD storage, and you can also play a wide range of videos from YouTube, Netflix and more.

    • Netflix capable
    • Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
    • HDMI included
    • Internet Apps
    • Super Multi-format playback
    • External HDD playback through USB
    • Compact design
    • USB port
    • Dimensions: 245 x 38.5 x 175 mm
  • Platinum 32" HD LED


    $ 319.99
    12 Fly Buys points
    Only available at Noel Leeming.

    With the Platinum 32" HD LED TV, you can enjoy an amazing entertainment experience. This Platinum television has a high definition LED screen, which will display impressive colour for your favourite films. Featuring a 32" screen, it fits into small sitting rooms. Keep multiple devices hooked up at once with the Platinum 32" LED's three HDMI connections. This TV will be the perfect addition to your home.

    • HD ready, Freeview
    • USB recording and playback
    • HDMI x3, USB x1, VGA x1
    • Also available in 40", 50"
  • Sony 32" HD Smart LED


    $ 599.00
    23 Fly Buys points

    With the Sony 32" HD Smart LED you'll get the most out of all your entertainment. Experience Blu-ray films in crisp resolution with this TV's HD LED panel. This WiFi-enabled, Smart TV has two HDMI connections, which will offer multiple options for hooking up your TV to other high-quality devices. Watch videos, play music or view pictures from a USB device with this television's two USB connection slots and record your favourite TV series to a flash drive with its USB recording function. The screen mirroring will be ideal for streaming movies from your tablet onto a larger display.

    • Smart TV, X-Reality Pro
    • Opera smart TV apps
    • Wi-Fi, HDMI x 2, USB x 2
    • USB HDD record
  • Sony 43" Full HD Android Smart LED


    $ 997.00
    39 Fly Buys points

    Controlling and navigating your entertainment is so easy with the Sony 43" Full High Definition 3D Smart LED with Android TV. Enjoy this past year's biggest 3D films in the comfort of your own living room with this TV's 3D display capabilities. It features a Full HD LED panel, made for experiencing colourful videos in every lighting condition. Thanks to the two USB connection slots, you can view pictures and watch video files directly from your flash drive. Adjust the sound, surf the web, launch an application and more by simply speaking with this voice control Smart TV and keep multiple devices connected simultaneously with its four HDMI connections. The Sony Smart TV will entertain you for hours on end.

    • AndroidTV, X-Reality Pro, 3D
    • Google Play Store for apps, movies, music & games
    • Wi-Fi, HDMI x 4, USB x 2
    • Also available in 50", 55"
    • Amazon Prime capable
  • Platinum 40" Full HD LED


    $ 499.99
    19 Fly Buys points
    Only available at Noel Leeming.

    Enjoy a unique home cinema experience with the Platinum 40" Full HD LED TV. This TV features a Full HD LED screen that displays optimal detail in any lighting condition. With a 40" screen, it will fit perfectly into any bedroom or small lounge. You can keep multiple devices connected at once with the three HDMI inputs. This television is an excellent upgrade to any entertainment system.

    • Full HD, Freeview
    • USB recording and playback
    • HDMI x3, USB x1
    • Also available in 32", 50"
  • Platinum 50" Full HD LED


    $ 699.00
    27 Fly Buys points
    Only available at Noel Leeming.

    The Platinum 50" Full HD LED TV is the ultimate in entertainment. The Full HD display of this Platinum television is designed with LED technology, so it will deliver vibrant detail in all lighting conditions. This 50" television will be excellent for watching movies on a huge screen which comfortably fits into your living room. Keep your Blu-ray player and gaming system hooked up at the same time with the Platinum PTL5019LED's three HDMI inputs. This TV will be the perfect new addition to any home.

    • Full HD, Freeview
    • USB recording and playback
    • HDMI x3, USB x1
    • Also available in 32", 40"
  • LG Blu-ray Player


    $ 99.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    LG 2D Bluray Player, USB input

    • Blu-ray player
    • USB input
    • HDMI
    • Remote control
  • Sony 55" Full HD Smart LED


    $ 1599.00
    63 Fly Buys points

    The Sony 55" Full HD Smart LED TV features a Full HD LED LCD panel, great for viewing all your favourite movies in immersive cinematic quality. Enjoy beautiful images no matter the resolution with Sony's X-Reality PRO and Advanced Contrast Enhancer technologies. Wirelessly stream media from your smartphone with this television's screen mirroring capabilities, and play media from any flash drive through its two USB ports. With Sony's Motionflow XR200 your favourite programs and sporting events are presented in stunning clarity. This Wi-Fi ready TV includes two HDMI slots with Bravia Sync function for seamless integration with all your devices. Expand your entertainment possibilities with the impressive Sony 55" Full HD Smart LED TV.

    • Smart TV, X-Reality Pro
    • Opera smart TV apps
    • Wi-Fi, HDMI x 2, USB x 2
    • Also available in 40"
  • LG 43" Full HD LED


    $ 647.00
    25 Fly Buys points
    Display Model Clearance. Offer ends 21 April 2018.

    The LG 43" Full HD LED was designed to bring your family and friends heaps of entertainment. Experience watching your favourite movies at 2x the picture quality of standard HD with this TV's FHD LED panel. Wall-mountable, this 43" television is great for creating an optimal viewing experience that everyone can enjoy. The HDMI port will be excellent for keeping your gaming system and Blu-ray player connected simultaneously. Watch videos, play music or look at photos from a memory stick with this television's USB input and record your favourite TV series with its DVR recording function.

    • IPS Panel, FHD Upscaler, Triple XD Engine
    • Time Machine built-in TV recorder
    • HDMI x 1, USB x 1
    • Built-in games
  • Panasonic FreeviewOnDemand Recorder


    $ 499.99
    19 Fly Buys points

    Panasonic FreeviewOnDemand recorder with 1TB hard drive and twin UHF tuners

    • Wi-Fi built-in
    • 1TB hard drive
    • FreeviewOnDemand & Netflix capable
    • Twin UHF tuners
    • Series recording
    • Built-in web browser
  • Sony Networked 3D Blu-ray Player


    $ 199.99
    7 Fly Buys points

    Watch your favourite 2D and 3D Blu-ray Discs in striking detail

    • Easy streaming with Netflix®, YouTube®, Sony Entertainment network & more
    • Miracast technology
    • Wi-Fi
    • With the BDP-S5500's built-in Wi-Fi PRO, you can browse the best online entertainment on the big screen. Smooth, fast streaming means you?ll enjoy Internet content with fewer interruptions and greater picture quality. Upscaled and native 3D Blu-ray movies also come to life in Full HD 3D for a more immersive viewing experience
    • Enjoy all the fine detail of the original recording in clear, high-fidelity surround sound with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
    • DLNA allows you to share multimedia content across all supported devices in your home
    • Enjoy all your 3D Blu-ray movies in Full HD quality when linked up to any 3D-enabled TV. In addition to delivering greater realism and clarity on all your 3D Blu-ray Discs, this Blu-ray Disc player also upscales 2D video to simulated 3D for enhanced depth and improved on-screen image detail
    • Bring your viewing experience to life with the broad and vivid paletteof TRILUMINOS colour, exclusive to Sony. Optimised for use with accompanying TRILUMINOS TVs, hard-to-reproduce vibrant reds, aqua blues and emerald greens are all beautifully displayed, making landscapes and seascapes more realistic
  • Panasonic 4K Upscaling Blu-ray Player


    now $ 159.99
    6 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 29 June 2017.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 29 June 2017.

    Besides 4K upscaling and 4K photo playback, this high-performance model reproduces high-resolution audio sound. In addition, the BDT380GN is filled with Smart Network functions. Simply connect it to a smartphone or tablet to enjoy your favourite content and videos from sources like Netflix.

    • Netflix capable
    • 4K upscaling
    • Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
    • Wi-Fi built-in
    • 4K Networking (4K JPEG/Video Playback)
    • DLNA Wireless multi-room networking
    • Internet Apps
    • Miracast
    • HDMI Cable included
    • USB Port
    • Dimensions: 415 x 43 x 182 mm


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