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  • Tesa Wireless Weather Station


    $ 99.99
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    The Tesa WS1151 Weather Station has a wide range of weather functions giving excellent value for money for those just wanting to basic details through the accurate details on the weather situation through to trends in the weather. Battery operated and wireless transmission

    • Transmits indoor/outdoor temperature (°F or °C) and indoor/outdoor humidity (%RH)
    • Records min/max temperatures and humidity
    • Barometric pressure 24-hour history graph (in Hg or hPa)
    • Barometric pressure tendency arrow
    • Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure
    • Moon Phase and Sunrise/Sunset functions
    • Time and date with manual setting 12 or 24 hours time display
    • Automatically updates for daylight saving time (on / off option)
    • Time alarm with snooze
    • Wall hanging or free standing
    • Wireless outdoor humidity range: 20% to 99% (+/-5% under 0 to 45 °C)
    • Indoor humidity range: 1% to 99% (1% resolution)
    • Wireless outdoor temperature range: -40.0°C to 65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
    • Indoor temperature range: 0°C to 50 °C (32°F to +122°F)
    • Temperature accuracy: +/- 1.0°C
    • Transmission range: up to 100m (330 feet)
    • Transmission frequency: 433MHz
    • Receiver: 3 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
    • Wireless sensor: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Tesa Safety Pro B-SAFE Emergency Lamp with Radio


    $ 29.97

    The battery free BSAFE Emergency Power Lamp is a multi-purpose lamp that can be charged via 230v, 12Vdc car or uses a powerful dynamo cranking system that powers the 12 LED lamp, a radio with FM bands andan emergency cell phone charger port.

    • 3 charging options: 240 V NZ/AUS rated power adaptor, 12v DC car cigarette power adaptor for charging in a vehicle and Dynamo hand cranking wind up power charge option - no batteries needed.
    • LED Lamp (LED 12, 8 or 4 lamp option)
    • FM Radio
    • Cellular charger - comes with standard cable but connections for most cellular models will be available free of charge from Tesa on application
    • Small removable compass
    • Designed to be used either as a general use lamp for outdoor use such as camping; boating, bbq's etc or in emergencies; power outages;etc - no need to worry about flat batteries
    • Plus a free B-SAFE Dynamo Emergency Torch with every pack, which will easily fit into carry bags, hand bags, glove boxes etc.