• TT eSports Neros Blu Optical Gaming Mouse


    $ 39.99

    The NEROS BLU Optical Gaming Mouse features a powerful optical engine up to 3200 DPI with blue backlight accents. It is a mouse that offers superior tracking across a variety of surfaces. Additionally, it is equipped with gaming engineered switches rated for 20-million clicks, providing the ultimate durable and consistent gameplay that you desire.

    • POWERFUL OPTICAL ENGINE UP TO 3200 DPI : Adjust DPI levels on-the-fly at 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200 increments. Polling rate of 1000Hz.
    • GAMING GRADE PERFORMANCE : Gaming engineered switches with a 20-million click lifespan.
    • THE BLUE ELEGANCE : Blue lighting accompanied by 4 Dynamic lighting effects: Static, Pulse, Wave, Blink.
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT : Right-handed ergonomic and lightweight design for all kinds of grip styles.
  • TT eSports Commander Keyboard & Mouse Combo


    $ 89.99
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    The COMMANDER - Gaming Gear Combo - the stunning combo with enhancements on its keyboard and mouse specifications. Providing great features on what gamers need and make them true leaders that will take command of the game. The COMMANDER Combo features Plunger Switch with the same design of Mechanical key cap, gives users an awesome tactile feel and pleasing click with each keystroke plus presenting response feeling like a mechanical switch that surely improve users gaming performance by giving users speed and responsiveness like never before.

    • TOUGH METAL LOOK EDGES : The Commander was designed with metal - looking edges which symbolizes its powerful spirit as a true leader. The splendid look with blue illumination designed to have a feel of trendy whenever you commanding it.
    • TACTILE FEEL PLUNGER SWITCHES : The COMMANDER uses TT Type II Plunger Switches with Mechanical key-caps giving users an awesome tactile feel and clicks with each keystroke while giving responsive feeling like using a mechanical switch keyboard. This will improve gaming performance by giving users speed and responsiveness like never before.
    • METAL-CAPS WELL-SUITED : Keyboard key-caps can be replaced to provide a tougher, more resolute feel to key presses and offer users a fun way to customize their keyboards with a metallic feel and deliver a unique user experience!
    • MARVELOUS FUNCTION KEYS : Offers cool functions like Repeat Rate, the speed at which it repeats, can be fast or slow. Choose a repeat rate that matches your comfort level. The Switcher, where you can turn WASD keys to or vice versa! You're totally in control! Finally the Windows Lock, where you lock the windows key preventing accidental presses of the windows key while in - game.
    • SPLENDID ILLUMINATION BACK LIGHTING : Brings style and night-time functionality straight to your desktop! Fully keyboard with fabulous blue LED's with stunning adjustable illumination back lighting allowing you to battle in the dark!
    • HANDY MULTIMEDIA & SHORTCUT KEYS : Everything is adjustable on - the - fly, software is no longer needed! Containing multimedia keys, shortcut keys, lighting keys and function key that provide tremendous accessibility at users fingertips.
    • PERFECT SENSITIVITY AND CLICKS : Offering perfect speed in game with on-the-fly sensitivity up to 2400 DPI and OMRON switches provide a crisp clean click with a life cycle of 5 million clicks.
    • ERGONOMIC SHAPE : Offering comfortable palm grips to keep you comfortable while you focus on the game at hand. Allowing you to command easily in game like a true gamer!
    • AWESOME LED ILLUMINATION : Light side panels that give you an awesome look allowing you to battle in the dark! Cool lighting battle dragon logo display to boost gamer's battle experience.
  • TT eSports Talon X Gaming Gear, Mouse + Mouse Pad Combo


    $ 59.99
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    The TALON X Gaming Gear Combo - This Mouse & Mouse Pad Combo is a perfect addition to your gaming desk if you're looking for something with both affordability and functionality. The pack includes a gaming mouse with a PIXART AVAGO 3050 optical sensor that goes up to 3200 DPI and comes equipped with a 10 million click lifecycle rated OMRON switches. It also features static and spectrum running lighting effects to bring color to your gaming. The combo is completed with a DASHER Mini Slim Gaming Mouse Pad with low friction surface design and anti - slip function. It also provides improved mouse movement to suit all gamer requirements. The combo pack is light in weight, offering easy portability and definitely the combo for your gaming!

    • PIXART AVAGO 3050 OPTICAL SENSOR WITH OMRON SWITCHES : The PIXART Optical sensor on the TALON X gaming mouse offers sensitivity up to 3200 DPI (Red 400 DPI / Yellow 800 DPI / Blue 1600 DPI / Purple 3200 DPI) and provides accurate precision and control during gaming sessions. The addition of premium grade OMRON switches with a 10 million click lifestyle gives a crisp clean click with tactile response to further add to your gaming experience.
    • CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE COLORS : Add mood to every gaming session by selecting your battle colors and choosing between static or spectrum running mode.
    • SPEED - TYPE CONTROL : The speed-type mouse pad is incredibly smooth and flat and allows gamer's to have precise movements combined with comfortable feel.
    • SMOOTH ANTI SLIP SURFACE! : A special non slip rubber base ensures that the mouse pads will never slip as you game, even in the most intense of battles. Play with confidence and never worry about mouse pad lift - off or slipping again - even on glass desks.
    • SMALL AND PORTABLE : 250mm in size, the Dasher Mini Slim is allows for easy storage and portability meaning that you can bring it anywhere with convenience.