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  • Fisher & Paykel 90cm Gas Cooktop


    $ 2199.00
    43 Fly Buys points

    The frameless, black glass, accented with a stainless steel strip is just one of the reasons the Fisher and Paykel Gas on Glass cooktop is the ultimate in premium quality.

    • H 64 x W 900 x D 450mm
    • 3 burners
    • Dual wok burner
    • Semi-rapid burner
    • Easy clean cooktop design
    • Quick component removal
    • Controls on cooktop
    • Toughened fused glass graphics
    • Flame failure protection
    • Cast iron trivets
  • SMEG 90cm Induction Cooktop


    $ 5099.00
    101 Fly Buys points

    SMEG Induction cooktops heats your pan and not the cooktop making it up to two times faster versus gas or ceramic cooktops and saves up to 40% on energy. Flexizone cooking allows you to use the zones independently or to join 2 zones together to provide a larger cooking area.

    • H 49 x W 900 x D 510mm
    • 14 power levels
    • Automatic overheat switch off
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Child safety lock
    • Automatic pan detection
  • SMEG Pizza Stone for 90cm Wide Oven Cavity


    $ 549.00
    10 Fly Buys points

    The SMEG Pizza stone is designed to fit the Smeg oven?s special base developed for cooking delicious and tasty pizza just like from an Italian pizzeria! Ideal for cooking Pizza's and Bread, the stone is specially designed to complement the Pizza Setting on your SMEG Oven

    • Designed to fit Smeg Ovens that are 90cm wide
    • Suitable for making Pizza's and Bread
    • Absorbs the heat and then distributes evenly though the stone - just like a pizza oven
    • Gives you Pizza Oven results in an electric oven
  • Electrolux 90cm Ceramic Cooktop


    $ 1999.00
    39 Fly Buys points

    With our innovative Hob2Hood technology you can effortlessly control your kitchen environment as you cook. This smart technology allows a compatible range hood and hob to seamlessly work together to instantlyget rid of unpleasant cooking odour's. As you increase the heat, the temperature sensors automatically adjust your hood to your cooking intensity. From the elegant, black ceramic surface to the smart, triple zone cooking feature, you'll love everything about your new cooktop. The touch controls on the ceramic hob lets you heat up, down or switchoff effortlessly. Just gently slide your finger across the control to the temperature you need and you can be confident it will respond, so you can create delicious meals effortlessly. Relax, knowing your soup won't boil over if you're interrupted in the middle of cooking just turn on the keep warm feature until you're ready to get back to it.

    • H 55 x W 900 x D 520mm
    • Hob2Hood technology
    • Touch and slide controls
    • Flexible triple zone
    • Keep warm
    • Safety child lock
  • Electrolux 60cm Induction Cooktop


    $ 2299.00
    45 Fly Buys points

    Create a single large cooking surface, ideal for making the most of plancha grill plates or roasting pots. FlexZone combines 2 separate cooking zones, including the temperature and time settings, for ultimate flexibility. While you concentrate on the flavours, the innovative Hob2Hood featurewill take care of keeping your kitchen fresh. The rangehood automatically turns on as soon as you start cooking, and intuitively adjusts the fan speed with your cooking. The touch controls on this hob lets you heat up, down or switch off immediately. Just gently slide your finger across the control to the temperature you need and you can be confident it will respond right away, so you can create delicious meals effortlessly. The Stop & Go feature offers a useful keep warm setting if you're unexpectedly interrupted.

    • H 55 x W 590 x D 520mm
    • FlexZone
    • Hob2Hood technology
    • Touch and slide controls
    • Auto warm-up function
    • Timer and minute minder
    • Auto pot detection
  • Indesit 60cm Gas Cooktop


    $ 599.00
    11 Fly Buys points

    Enjoy cooking safely with one of Europe's and UK's leading brands in the kitchen with this Indesit PAA 642 IX/IEX gas hob as the flame failure supervision device cuts any gas supply if an extinguished flame is detected. Keep your hob surface clean and clear thanks to the stainless steel material, which allows you to simply wipe away mess and residue without staining or excessive scrubbing.

    • H 40 x W 580 x D 500mm
    • Side controls
    • Electronic Ignition
    • Flame Failure Device
    • Adaptable for LPG or natural gas
  • Eurotech 90cm Gas Cooktop


    $ 999.00
    19 Fly Buys points

    • H 45 x W 880 x D 510mm
    • 5 cooking elements
    • Cast iron trivet
    • Safety valves
    • Ignition under knobs
  • Electrolux 90cm Induction Cooktop


    $ 5499.00
    109 Fly Buys points

    90cm 5 zone induction cooktop with FlexiBridge, Chef Mode, MaxiZone, 14 stage slide controls and Hob2Hood capability.

    • H 55 x W 910 x D 520mm
    • Hob2Hood technology
    • Touch and slide controls
  • Electrolux 32cm Gas Cooktop


    $ 1699.00
    33 Fly Buys points

    The powerful 22MJ/h wok burner allows for fast boiling and intense cooking. Enjoy super-fast heating, precise control and the satisfaction of great dishes, cooked to perfection. The Dual Flame wok control lets you direct heat accurately from simmer to maximum flame. High quality mark resistant trivets provide peace of mind when using heavy pots. Feel confident that your control panel will be durable and long lasting with the stylish laser graphics.

    • H 56 x W 320 x D 520mm
    • Dual Flame control
    • Ceramic glass cooktop
    • Wok stand included
    • Convenient electronic ignition
    • Flame Failure Safety Device
    • Stability with flat cast trivets
  • Award 60cm Ceramic Cooktop


    $ 929.00
    18 Fly Buys points

    Soft-touch Electronic Ceramic Hob with Beveled edges

    • 4 Hi-light rapid heat elements
    • Spill-over and Over-heat protection
    • Timer
    • Residual heat indicators
  • Eurotech 60cm Induction Cooktop

    ED-IFZ 604

    $ 1395.00
    27 Fly Buys points

    Eurotech 2 Induction Zones & 1 Freezone Cooktop

    • H 60 x W 590 x D 520mm
    • 9 power settings
    • Sensor touch controls
    • Residual heat indicators
    • Timer
    • Child lock
  • Eurotech 30cm Ceramic Cooktop


    $ 449.00
    8 Fly Buys points

    Eurotech 30cm Framed 2 Zone Ceramic Cooktop with Knob Control

    • H 75 x W 300 x D 520mm
    • 9 power settings
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Automatic shut off mechanism
    • Child lock function