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  • Hillmark Cerapol Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 250ml


    $ 12.99

    Cerapol has been especially formulated for cleaning & polishing ceramic glass cooktops, helping you make light work of any spills, stains and marks.

    • Guaranteed not to scratch
    • Tested and endorsed by leading glass manfacturers
    • Biodegradable
    • Contains natural citric acids
    • Recommended by leading appliance manufacturers
  • Hillmark Ceramic Cooktop Scraper + 5 Blades


    $ 10.99

    The Cooktop Scraper is an essential for all ceramic glass cooktop owners. It is the most effective tool against erosion, pitting & stains as it allows you to remove spills before they cool

    • Easily removes spills before cooling
    • Comes with 5 blades
    • An effective toll against erosion of ceramic glass cooktops
    • Recommended by leading appliance manufacturers
  • Hillmark Ceramic Cooktop Protector 250ml


    $ 11.99

    After cleaning with Cerapol, applying the silicone-based Ceraseal formula will create a protective barrier on your cooktop.

    • Applies a clear barrier to prevent damage caused from stains, abrasions and pitting
    • Makes everyday cleaning easier
    • Helps to retain the look and performance of your cooktops ceramic glass
    • Recommended by leading appliance manufacturers
  • Hillmark ShineOn Solid Element Protector 25g


    $ 8.99

    ShineOn has been developed specifically to help keep solid element hotplates rust-free and looking like new by bonding with the hotplate surface to provide protection & creating a barrier against rust corrosion.

    • Creates a barrier against rust
    • Bonds with hotplate surface to protect against pitting and flaking
    • Leaves behind a transparent film that repels new marks
    • Recommended by leading appliance manufacturers
  • SMEG Pizza Stone for 60cm Wide Oven Cavity


    $ 299.00
    5 Fly Buys points

    The SMEG Pizza stone is designed to fit the Smeg oven?s special base developed for cooking delicious and tasty pizza just like from an Italian pizzeria! Ideal for cooking Pizza's and Bread, the stone is specially designed to complement the Pizza Setting on your SMEG Oven

    • Designed to fit Smeg Ovens that are 60cm wide
    • Suitable for making Pizza's and Bread
    • Absorbs the heat and then distributes evenly though the stone - just like a pizza oven
    • Gives you Pizza Oven results in an electric oven
  • SMEG Deep Oven Roasting Dish


    $ 499.00
    9 Fly Buys points

    Perfect for all your culinary needs in your Smeg oven. Made from high quality aluminium and finished with a non stick coating, the Deep Roasting Dish will help you to cook to perfection the meals for your family in your Smeg oven or cooker.

    • Designed to fit Smeg ovens
    • Suitable for roasting chicken, beef, pork and all types of vegetables
    • Made from high quality aluminium and finished with a non stick coating
    • Manufactured from high grade Aluminium and so suitable for use on all types of cooktop including Gas, Electric, Ceramic and Induction
    • Versatile enough to be used in both the Smeg Ovens or on the cooktop
    • The Smeg Deep Roasting Dish is Dishwasher safe and comes out good as new after a wash in a Smeg dishwasher.