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  • SMEG 60cm Induction Cooktop SI7643B
    now $ 1644.00
    32 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 3 August 2021.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 3 August 2021.

    SMEG Induction cooktops heats your pan and not the cooktop making it up to two times faster versus gas or ceramic cooktops and saves up to 40% on energy.The SMEG model features elegant, intuitive slider controls which allow for greater versatility of use.

    • H 49 x W 600 x D 510mm
    • The intuitive 14 point sliding control, gives more control and precision, even when cooking at low temperatures
    • 14 power levels
    • Automatic overheat switch off
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Child safety lock
    • Automatic pan detection
  • Fisher & Paykel 90cm 5 Zone Induction Cooktop CI905DTB4
    $ 3999.00
    79 Fly Buys points

    The Fisher & Paykel Touch&Slide 90cm 5 zone induction cooktop with a dual zone and SmartZone gives you a spacious cooking area, perfect when cooking for a crowd.

    • H 54 x W 900 x D 530mm
    • Powerful, class-leading 5.5kw dual zone that automatically detects size of cookware
    • Four cooking zones that can be bridged to form two SmartZones
    • Separate Touch&Slide controls for easy control of each zone
    • A large cooking area with five cooking zones
  • Samsung 60cm Induction Cooktop NZ64T5747
    $ 1799.00
    35 Fly Buys points

    • Safety Shut Off
    • Touch & Slide Control
    • Flex Zone
    • Child Safety Lock
    • Auto Pan Detection
  • Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop WHI645BC
    $ 2195.00
    43 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 1 August 2021.

    60cm Induction Cooktop

    • H 46 x W 590 x D 520mm
    • Easy cleaning
    • FlexZone
    • QuickCook Timer
    • Perfect heat control
    • Pause
  • Samsung 80cm Induction Cooktop NZ84J9770EK
    $ 2699.00
    53 Fly Buys points

    Inspired by Professional Chefs. The new Samsung Chef Collection Induction Cooktop is inspired by the emotion, perfection and know-how of the most renowned chefs. To make it come true, Samsung gathered a team of Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world. These visionary creators have shared their passion and knowledge to help develop a range of revolutionary new devices that combine incredible premium design and unprecedented performance. The chefs have rigorously applied their talents throughout the entire cooking processto give you the ability to maintain the pure freshness of ingredients,cook them with precision and present them on spotless, shiny dishes. From now on, entering a kitchen is the first step to a limitless experience. A new culinary adventure has begun.

    • H 56 x W 800 x D 520mm
    • Samsung Virtual Flame Technology
    • Magnetic Knob Control
    • Wide Flex Zone
  • SMEG 90cm Induction Cooktop SI2M7953D
    $ 4599.00
    91 Fly Buys points

    SMEG Induction cooktops heats your pan and not the cooktop making it up to two times faster versus gas or ceramic cooktops and saves up to 40% on energy. Flexizone cooking allows you to use the zones independently or to join 2 zones together to provide a larger cooking area.

    • H 49 x W 900 x D 510mm
    • 14 power levels
    • Automatic overheat switch off
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Child safety lock
    • Automatic pan detection
  • Eurotech 30cm Induction Cooktop ED-IC302
    $ 637.00
    12 Fly Buys points

    Eurotech 30cm Bevelled edge 2 zone induction touch control cooktop

    • H 60 x W 288 x D 520mm
    • 9 power settings
    • Residual heat indicators
    • Automatic shut off mechanism
    • Child safety lock
  • Westinghouse 90cm Induction Cooktop WHI945BC
    $ 3599.00
    71 Fly Buys points

    90cm 4 zone induction cooktop with BoilProtect

    • H 46 x W 910 x D 520mm
    • BoilProtect
    • FlexZone
    • Hob2Hood
    • PowerBoost
    • Pause
    • QuickCook Timer
    • Perfect heat control
    • Touch slide control
    • Easy cleaning
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Child safety device
  • Eurotech 60cm Induction Cooktop ED-IC604
    $ 1170.00
    23 Fly Buys points

    Eurotech Induction 60cm black 4 zone Touch Control

    • H 60 x W 590 x D 520mm
    • Residual heat indicators
    • Automatic shut off mechanism
  • Award 60cm Induction Cooktop H103
    $ 1699.00
    33 Fly Buys points

    • H 53 x W 590 x D 520mm
    • FlexiZone Induction - 4 x 1850w zones
    • Soft Touch Slider Controls
    • Bridge Function - where either both left or both right zones can be joined and operated as one large zone
    • Stop and Go Pause Function
  • Award 60cm Induction Cooktop HI600
    $ 1299.00
    25 Fly Buys points

    Built-In 60cm Induction Hob

    • H 50 X W 590 X D 520mm
    • 4 zones 200mm diameter with 2 boosters
    • Timer
    • Soft-touch control
    • Auto pan detection
    • Over-heat and spill-over protection
    • Bevelled Glass
  • Indesit 60cm Induction Cooktop VID 641 B C
    $ 1199.00
    23 Fly Buys points

    This stylish Italian made Induction cooktop, you've got several different ways to cook your food. The 2 cooking zones on the right can easily be combined to make 1 cooking zone. This provides you with more space for a roasting tin or a fish pan. Simply switch between the 9 settings using the plus and minus touch controls. Is your rice finished before your vegetables or piece of meat? The Keep Warm function ensures that your food doesn't get cold when things aren't all ready at the same time. If you quickly want to bring a large pot of water to the boil, you can use the boost function

    • H 54 x W 580 x D 510mm
    • 4 induction cooking zones
    • Touch Control
    • Boostersuch control panel
    • Pan detection indicator
    • Front touch control panel
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Timer
    • Made in Italy

Step in to the world of induction cook tops with the range you can rely on from Noel Leeming. Choose a Haier induction cooktop, a SMEG induction cooktop, or Westinghouse induction cooktop, plus a whole range of other big brand cooktops and ovens.

You’ll love all the latest features, like touch controls, a wide range of temperature settings, easy clean ceramic cooktop surfaces, cookware detection, energy control, safety features and powerful, flexible cooking zones.

Our passionate experts are available in store to help you choose an induction stove top and induction hobs, or if you know the model you need, shop online or using the MyNoelLeeming app. The app will also keep you up to date with the latest deals on cooktops, ovens, whiteware and kitchen appliances!