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  • Elba by F&P Waste Disposal


    $ 299.00
    5 Fly Buys points

    • ½ Horsepower with high-speed permanent magnet motor 5500 rpm
    • Fast grinding technology
    • Corrosion proof stainless steel
    • Manual reset for overload protection
    • Easy and convenient installation
    • Trendy and unique gun metal colour
  • Insinkerator M-Series 46 Waste Disposal


    $ 349.99
    6 Fly Buys points

    As an entry-level option, the Model 46 food waste disposer offers good performance and will suit small households with moderate usage demands It is easy to install, eliminates food scraps instantly and grinds without blades. It uses less than 1% of total household water consumption and offers an environmentally responsible option to sending organic food waste to landfill. Designed and manufactured in the United States for the highest levels of quality and reliability.

    • H 318 x W 159mm
    • Basic sound reduction technology
    • 1 stage galvanized steel grinding system
    • Plastic stopper
    • Large capacity (980ml) grinding chamber
    • QuickLock sink mount for easy installation
  • Fisher & Paykel Waste Disposal


    $ 479.00
    9 Fly Buys points

    This Fisher & Paykel Waste Disposer boasts a powerful 3/4 horse power, using fast grinding (stainless steel) motor technology. Insulation helps to keep noise levels down, while the built in air switch system makes this product easy to use.

    • H 350 x W 205 x D 268mm
    • Air switch
    • 3/4 horsepower
    • High speed permanent magnet motor
    • 5800RPM
  • Insinkerator M-Series 56 Waste Disposal


    $ 529.00
    10 Fly Buys points

    This mid-range model is perfect for regular use in smaller households.

    • 0.55HP dura-drive heavy duty induction motor
    • 1 stage stainless grinding system
    • Grind chamber capcity (980ml) stainless steel grinding elements
    • SoundSeal quiter than standard models
    • Built-in air switch (33mm hole for button)
    • QuickLock sink mount for easy installation
  • Tuscany 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher

    TD60-12P.1 WH

    $ 598.00
    11 Fly Buys points

    Enjoy the top-quality performance and functionality of the 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher. This dishwasher is designed with anti-flood protection, making it a safe and convenient choice. With 12 place settings, it has plenty of room for family dinners or hosting parties.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 580mm
    • 12 place settings
    • 6 wash programs
    • Electronic control
    • Self-cleaning filter system
    • Antiflood/leaking device
    • Height adjustable basket
    • Foldable bottom plate racks
    • 55dB(A) noise level
    • 4 star water rating & 3 star energy rating
  • Insinkerator M-Series 66 Waste Disposal


    $ 629.00
    12 Fly Buys points

    Top model in InSinkErator's standard range. Perfect for medium sized households.

    • H 318 x W 185mm
    • QuickLock Sink Mount makes installation fast and easy
    • Grind chamber capacity (980ml) stainless steel grinding elements
    • Built-in air switch (33mm hole for button)
    • 0.75HP dura-drive heavy duty induction motor
    • SoundSeal plus quieter than standard models
    • 1 stage stainless grinding system
  • Samsung 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher


    $ 799.00
    15 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 10 December 2019.

    • H 835 x W 596 x D 600mm
    • 13 place settings
    • 5 wash programs
    • 60 minute express wash
    • Hygiene 70 degree wash cycle
    • Half load option
    • Delay start
    • 3.5 star energy rating
    • 4.5 star water rating
  • Haier 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher


    $ 799.00
    15 Fly Buys points

    • H 850 x W 598 x D 598mm
    • AUTO wash to optimise your water & energy usage
    • Height adjustable upper basket
    • Lock function - to stop accidental opening
    • Soft touch LED controls
    • 13 place setting
    • 3 star energy rating
    • 4.5 star water rating
  • Insinkerator Evolution 100 Waste Disposal


    $ 879.00
    17 Fly Buys points

    Featuring two-stage grind technology and quiet technology, the Evolution 100 is more powerful and quieter than our standard range. It can grind virtually any food waste, including difficult items such as bones and potato peel.

    • Two stage grind technology.
    • Built-in air switch.
    • Large grind chamber (1005ml) and stainless steel grinding elements.
    • Stainless steel strainer basket and plug.
    • Auto-reverse.
    • 0.70hp.
  • Award 55cm Compact Freestanding Dishwasher


    $ 879.00
    17 Fly Buys points

    For excellent performance and functionality, choose the 55cm Compact Dishwasher. This dishwasher features a residual drying system, which hygienically dries your dishes using heat that has been formed during the wash cycle. It has six place settings.

    • H 438 x W 550 x D 500mm
    • 6 place settings
    • 5 wash programs
    • Electronic controls
    • Anti flood protection
    • Residual drying system
    • Delay start
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher


    $ 898.00
    17 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 10 December 2019.

    Efficiently wash your dishes with the 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher. This dishwasher is made with variable wash pressure technology and it is designed with a ThermoDry system, eliminating moisture from the rinse and leaving your dishes with an ultra-dry finish. Built with a three-stage filtration system, it provides a better clean. This dishwasher has an easy lift adjustable upper basket, enabling you to make full use of your space by creating more room to wash larger dishes. It features wine glass support, which stabilises and holds your stemware upright so they get cleaner as they go through the cycle. Designed to be energy efficient, this dishwasher is a more economical choice.

    • H 820-870 X W 597 X D 610mm
    • 15 place settings
    • 6 wash programs
    • Flexible wash options
    • Quiet performance
    • Sanitize clean and dry
    • Efficient drying
    • Reliable wash performance
    • Easy to load
    • Energy efficient
    • 3.5 star energy
    • 5 star water rating
  • Trieste 45cm Freestanding Dishwasher

    TRD-D8P SS

    $ 899.00
    17 Fly Buys points

    • H 845 x W 448 x D 600mm
    • 9 place settings
    • 6 wash programs
    • Electronic control
    • Child lock
    • 3 star energy rating
    • 3 star water rating


For dishwashers that combine all the features you’re looking for with a sleek, clean look that adds style to any kitchen, come to Noel Leeming. Browse from a selection of dishwashers with such convenient and time-saving features as adjustable racks on the side of the drawer and folding tines, half-load wash options, key lock and child locks, flexible racking, several wash programs and excellent water and energy ratings. Choose from Fisher & Paykel, Simpson, Samsung and Westinghouse models to find the one with the features you’re looking for, including thermodry technology, LED display, limited noise levels and adjustable cup racks, as well as ergonomic design and plenty of capacity. We have models designed with extra headroom for those bigger items after dinner parties, including oversized platters and extra long-stemmed glasses, and ones that come with intelligent water level sensing for optimum performance, as well as fan assisted drying.