• Panasonic 407 Litre Fridge Freezer


    $ 1599.99
    31 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 25 February 2020.

    • H 1624 x W 685 x D 698mm
    • ECONAVI learns your usage and adjusts
    • Inverter motor
    • High humidity vege bin
    • External control panel
    • Ag Clean
  • Tuscany 85 Litre Bar Freezer


    $ 499.00
    9 Fly Buys points

    The Tuscany 85 litre vertical bar freezer is a great solution for families where space is at a premium.

    • H 840 x W 500 x D 560mm
    • Reversible door
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • 1.5 star energy rating
  • Fisher & Paykel 376 Litre Chest Freezer


    $ 1649.00
    32 Fly Buys points

    Ergonomic and visually pleasing aluminium handle the length of the lidIt will look suitable in living areas and not need to be relegated tothe back shed or garage.

    • H 847 x W 1240 x D 655mm
    • Digital control panel
    • Fast freeze
    • Keylock function
    • Spring assisted lid
    • Removable wire baskets
    • LED lid light
    • 3 star energy rating
    • 2 years warranty
  • LG 668 Litre Side by Side Fridge Freezer


    $ 2896.00
    57 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 25 February 2020.

    The LG 668 Litre Side by Side Fridge Freezer has plenty of space for all your fresh groceries. With the two freezer drawers, you'll be able to conveniently separate different frozen items. Serve cool refreshments whenever you want with this fridge's ice maker. Boasting a fridge capacity of 422L and a freezer capacity of 246L, it will efficiently store large quantities of produce. It features an LG-Dual Speed Cooling Fan, so it reduces temperature irregularities and keeps every section of the refrigerator properly chilled. This eco-friendly appliance has LG's BioShield technology, which will keep food free of bacteria and mold. Get ready for your next dinner party with this LG refrigerator.

    • H 1790 x W 912 x D 738mm
    • Anti-fingerprint finish
    • Tall non plumbed ice & water dispenser
    • Moisture balance crisper
    • Inverter linear compressor
    • LED lighting
    • 3 star energy rating
  • Panasonic 342 Litre Fridge Freezer


    now $ 994.00
    19 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 25 February 2020.
    HOT PRICE. Offer ends 25 February 2020.

    The Panasonic 342 Litre Fridge Freezer is a dependable option for storing your family's groceries. With two doors, this fridge offers convenient access to your refrigerated items. With a fridge capacity of 250L, it provides ample storage for your home. The compressor boasts the Westinghouse FlexStor Technology so it will run on minimal power overnight and during other periods of low usage for improved energy savings. Make your kitchen the heart of your household with the 342 Litre Fridge Freezer.

    • H 1724 x W 600 x D 629mm
    • Inverter and ECONAVI
    • Quick ice making
    • Tempered glass shelves
    • LED lights
  • Samsung 676 Litre Side by Side Fridge Freezer


    $ 3399.00
    67 Fly Buys points

    The new Samsung Side by Side. By your side. Store more food in a large and more usable space without increasing the external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency.

    • H 1780 x W 912 x D 716mm
    • All Around/Metal Cooling
    • Ice Maker
    • Water dispenser
    • Recess Handle
    • Digital Inverter Compressor with 10 year warranty
    • 3 star energy rating
  • Haier 450 Litre Fridge Freezer


    $ 1799.00
    35 Fly Buys points

    Recessed handle design

    • H 1725 x W 700 x D 676mm
    • MyZone adjustable temperature drawer
    • Quick response cooling with Super Freeze function
    • External electronic controls on LED display
    • Humidity controlled vege bin
    • Reversible door
    • 4 star energy rating
  • Panasonic 333 Litre Fridge Freezer


    now $ 995.00
    19 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 25 February 2020.
    HOT PRICE. Offer ends 25 February 2020.

    • H 1739 x W 600 x D 611mm
    • Adjustable shelf
    • FreshSafe chiller
    • ECONAVI detects conditions of use and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy
    • Ag Clean filter keeps the inside of the refrigerator clean and prevents the build up of unpleasant odours
    • LED lighting
  • Mitsubishi 260 Litre Fridge Freezer


    $ 949.00
    18 Fly Buys points

    The Mitsubishi Electric Classic 260 litre refrigerator in white will suit any home, large or small. Combining functionality with style this model features innovative surround cooling, tempered glass and convenient revolving ice tray, an ideal addition to any home.

    • H 1577 x W 555 x D 636mm
    • Tempered glass shelves
    • Sliding chilled case
    • Adjustable door shelf
    • Revolving ice tray
    • Cooling system
    • Frost free
  • Mitsubishi 375 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer


    $ 1297.00
    25 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 25 February 2020.
    store stock only. Offer ends 25 February 2020.

    This multi-drawer refrigerator is the ultimate in innovation. Perfect for apartment living or a smaller cavity space, it features our celebrated humidity drawer, an automatic ice maker and convenient freezer drawer.

    • H 1678 x W 600 x D 656mm
    • Humidity drawer
    • Automatic non plumbed ice maker
    • Freezer drawer
    • Three way flexi shelf
    • 2 x tempered glass shelves
    • Frost free
    • Surround cooling system
    • Door alarm
    • Sivler titanium deodorizer
    • 2 star energy rating
  • LG 454 Litre Fridge Freezer


    $ 2349.00
    46 Fly Buys points

    This stylish bottom mount 454 Litre LG Fridge Freezer has plenty of space for fresh and frozen groceries. Efficient performance thanks to Inverter Linear Compressor technology, it's quiet, durable and has a 4 ½ Star Energy Rating. With Door Cooling, air vents located at the front of the fridge direct cool air onto the door area for even cooling.

    • H 1720 x W 700 x D 700mm
    • Door cooling for store door items
    • Inverter linear compressor
    • Moisture balance crisper
    • Troubleshoot with Smart Diagnosis
    • LED Lighting
    • 4.5 star energy rating
  • Mitsubishi 370 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer


    $ 1698.00
    33 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 25 February 2020.
    Bonus JosephJoseph 4 piece container set via redemption. Offer ends 25 February 2020.

    The 370 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer-White keeps your food chilled and close at hand. With three doors, this multi-drawer fridge offers convenient accessibility to your refrigerated items. Thanks to the tempered glass shelves, you can easily clean up any spills. This Mitsubishi refrigerator includes a crisper drawer, made for preserving any fruit. You can serve cool refreshments whenever you want with the premium function of an automatic ice maker. The fridge volume is 189L, so the white Mitsubishi MR-CX370EJ-W-A provides ample storage for any household. This refrigerator boasts Mitsubishi Electric's Vitalight Technology, recreating sunlight in the fridge to help vegetables maintain their freshness. Make your kitchen the heart of your household with the 370 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer-White.

    • H 1698 x W 600 x D 660mm
    • Humidity drawer with added Vitalight Technology
    • Non-plumbed automatic ice maker
    • 2 sliding chilled cases set at zero deg rees, ideal for deli meats and dairy products
    • Two-way flexi shelf to make way for taller refrigeration items
    • Convenient freezer drawer with sliding top tray
    • Tempered glass shelves that can withstand 100kg
    • Multi airflow cooling system