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  • Trieste 60cm Wall Rangehood

    TR HI 160 IX

    $ 199.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    This stylish stainless steel freestanding Indesit rangehood comes with 3 speed controls using a ducted or recirculated system. Will look good in any kitchen, while getting rid of all those left over kitchen smells.

    • W 600 x D 480mm
    • 3 speeds
    • 200m3/hr extraction rate
    • Synthetic grease filters and active carbon filters
    • Slider controls
    • 1 motor
    • 2 year warranty
  • Eurotech 60cm Wall Rangehood


    $ 299.00
    5 Fly Buys points

    This wall mounted rangehood can be both externally ducted through the top or recirculating model with through the carbon filters once fitted.

    • H 140 x W 600 x D 500mm
    • Dishwasher safe aluminum filters
    • Ducted or recirculating mode
    • 450m3/hr extraction rate
    • Stainless steel
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Wall Rangehood


    $ 399.00
    7 Fly Buys points

    The HS60LXW4 model can be both externally ducted through the top or back, or can recirculate air internally through its filters without the need for external ducting. Perfect for apartments.

    • H 180 x W 598 x D 280-460mm
    • Slides out for easy use when you need it
    • Two easy to clean, dishwasher safe filters that efficiently trap grease
    • The option to recirculate air internally without the need for externalducting
  • Award 52cm Powerpack Rangehood


    $ 399.00
    7 Fly Buys points

    S/S 52cm Power Pack

    • H 245 x W 518 x D 286mm
    • 3 speed fan
    • Slider switch control
    • Washable aluminium filter
  • Eurotech 60cm Slideout Rangehood


    $ 409.00
    8 Fly Buys points

    • H 175 x W 598 x D 280mm
    • 2 speed fan
    • Recirculating or Ducted
    • 2x carbon filters included
  • Eurotech 90cm Canopy Rangehood


    $ 599.00
    11 Fly Buys points

    • H 480-810 W 910 x D 490mm
    • 3 speed fans
    • Aluminium filters
    • LED lights
  • Indesit 90cm Canopy Rangehood

    IHPC 9.5 AM X

    $ 599.00
    11 Fly Buys points

    This stylish Italian made wall-mounted range hood is suitable for large kitchens because of its size and exhaust capacity. The range hood is 90cm wide, so you can mount it over a cooktop with 5 or 6 burners. Its exhaust capacity allows it to eliminate odors from open-plan kitchens. The range hood indicates when the filters need to be replaced. The included filters can be washed, just put them in the dishwasher. After they've been washed, simply click them back in the range hood. That means you won't have to buy new filters very often.

    • H 695 x W 908 x D 410mm
    • 3 speed options
    • 2x halogen lights
    • Washable aluminium filters
    • 150mm top ducting
    • 486m3/hr extraction rate
    • Made in Italy
  • Award 52cm Powerpack Rangehood


    $ 599.00
    11 Fly Buys points

    • H 314 x W 520 x D 296mm
    • Quiet turbo motor fitted - 3 speed variable
    • 52 dBA max operating noise level
    • Washable aluminium filter
    • 2 x LED lights
  • Westinghouse 60cm Canopy Rangehood


    $ 679.00
    13 Fly Buys points

    60cm Stainless steel pyramid canopy hood with 850 cubic m/h extractionand high output LED lighting.

    • H 600 x W 600 x D 500mm
    • Powerful twin blade centrifugal
    • Easy clean touch control panel
    • Dishwasher safe aluminium filters
    • LED lights
    • Stainless steel finish
  • Westinghouse 60cm Canopy Rangehood


    $ 679.00
    13 Fly Buys points

    This Westinghouse rangehood removes odour and steam while cooking, allows flexible installation options and is easy to maintain. Optional caarbon filters also give the extra odour filtration required when ducted installation is not an option for your kitchen.

    • H 230 x W 600 x D 500mm
    • 550 m3/hr maximum airflow
    • 3 fan speeds
    • Slide controls
    • Washable filters
    • 3 fan speed options
    • Auto thermal cutout safety switch
    • Removes odours and steam while cooking
  • Robinhood 90cm Canopy Rangehood


    $ 699.00
    13 Fly Buys points

    H 615 x W 898 x D 460mm

    • Up to 740m3 per hour airflow
    • Twin LED lights
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Canopy Rangehood


    $ 799.00
    15 Fly Buys points

    With powerful extraction, this rangehood effectively captures and eliminates cooking odours, vapour and steam. It is the perfect partner to our cooktops, featuring a low profile and finished with sleek brushed stainless steel.

    • H 610-1050 x W 598 x D 500mm
    • External top extraction - or recirculation front extraction
    • Simple control
    • Easy clean
    • Sized to suit