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  • This 6kg dryer is designed to match Fisher & Paykel washers with SmartTouch Control Panel and easily inverted fascia makes inverting it on the wall a simple solution to your space issue.

    • H 830 x W 600 x D 600mm
    • SmartTouch control panel
    • Auto sensing
    • Healthier drying
    • Robust door & hinge
    • Simple installation
    • Drying rack
    • 2 star energy rating
  • Price offer ends 1 November 2016.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 1 November 2016.

    QuickSmart delivers the ultimate in quality and affordability. With the reliability and performance benefits of the SmartDrive technology, MW60 cleans and cares for your clothes without messing around. Its simple interface and 1000 rpm spin means you will get your clothes washed and dried quicker than any other washer.

    • H 1050 x W 560 x D 560mm
    • SmartDrive system
    • 4 wash cycles
    • 1000 rpm spin speed
    • 3 water levels
    • Tangle free washing
    • 3 star water rating
    • 2 star energy rating
  • Price offer ends 1 November 2016.

    Simpson takes the fuss out of doing the laundry, so you can spend your time doing the more important things in life. Large doors makes loading and unloading your clothes easy. Add no nonsense, easy to use controls and you've got the most straight-forward dryers around.

    • H 800 x W 602 x D 525mm
    • Front and rear venting options
    • Rotary controls
    • Child safety lock
    • Front lint filter
    • Warm and hot temperature selection
    • Remote element
    • Safety thermostat heater
    • Wall mountable
  • The Samsung WA55 washing machine features an ergonomic and streamline design. The elegant, natural curves of its round edged design are complemented by the slanted, dual cluster control panel, which makes it easier to use. Especially as its ice blue LED display provides clear information, and a touch of refined beauty. A strong and durable tempered glass door also makes it easy to see everything inside.

    • H 850 x W 540 x D 560mm
    • Diamond drum
    • Air turbo drying system
    • Double storm pulsator
    • Auto restart
    • 700rpm
    • Magic Filter
    • Water fall
    • 6 cycles
    • Eco tub clean
  • Samsung's top load range is built to help keep fabrics looking young. With the Diamond Drum and Magic Filter this machine has features to make washing your clothes simple and affordable.

    • H 1050 x W 610 x D 670mm
    • Double storm pulsator
    • Diamond drum: no more washing damage
    • Air turbo drying system
    • Tempered glass
    • Magic filter
    • Mist shower
    • Stainless steel tub
    • Water fall
    • Tub check
    • Child lock
    • Standby zero power
    • Drum clean option
  • Price offer ends 1 November 2016.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 1 November 2016.

    WashSmart Washers provide 13 specific wash cycles and hands-on controlto select exactly how you want to wash each load. They are designed for those who like fingertip control, without getting their hands dirty. WashSmart Washers have all the clothes care benefits of a front loader with SmartDrive technology to give a quicker, quieter wash. It is designed to match Fisher & Paykel Vented or Condensing Dryers.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 590mm
    • 13 wash programs
    • 1400rpm max spin speed
    • Add a garment option
    • SmartDrive technology
    • Quick vortex wash cycles
    • 5 temperature controls
    • Delay start
    • 4.5 star water rating
    • 4 star energy rating
    • Also available in 8.5kg
  • This extra large capacity dryer makes a perfect pair with the WashSmart Front Loader. Its condensing technology makes installation simply a matter of plugging it in. No venting is required. Its 8 kg capacity means clothes can move around freely to ensure even drying and minimise creasing.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 645mm
    • SmartTouch control dial
    • Auto-sensing
    • 11 cycles
    • 5 dryness settings
    • Manual time dry
    • Wrinkle free option
    • Condensing
    • Drying rack
    • 2 star energy rating
  • $100 Cashback Via Redemption. Offer ends 4 November 2016.

    Simply Add, during wash with the new Samsung 8.5kg Add Wash front load washing machine. Forgot a shirt? Add Wash lets you easily and swiftly add to your wash. Missed and forgotten clothes can be included after your wash has started. The add door can be opened at any time as long as the temperature inside the drum is below 50C. The WW85K5410 has a 4 star energy rating and is packed with features like Bubblewash and Bubble Soak to tackle touch stains, and with multiple pre program cycles you can tell the machine what type of wash you need with a simple push of a button.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 600mm
    • Digital inverter motor
    • Bubblewash & bubble soak technology
    • Add wash technology
    • Graphic LED display
    • Diamond drum
    • Quick 1400 rpm spin speed
    • 12 program cycles
    • Child lock
    • 4.5 star water rating
    • 4 star energy rating
  • A new range of appliances that will allow better us of laundry space, with a focus on improving wash capacity while taking up little floor space along the streamlinedmatching aesthetics. Other improvements such as shorter cycle times and faster spin cycles provide a clean, quick wash for more laundry, taking up less space.

    • H 1045-1075 x W 600 x D 600mm
    • Strong safe lid
    • Flexible finned agitator
    • SmartDrive technology
    • Smart touch control panel
    • Easy installation
    • Larger load smaller footprint
    • 3.5 star water rating
    • 2 star energy rating
  • Price offer ends 1 November 2016.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 1 November 2016.

    Simpson 7.5kg EZI Set top load washing machine with 11 wash programs, 850rpm spin speed, time remaining display, detergent drawer and pause button.

    • H 1070 x W 670 x D 680mm
    • 11 wash programs
    • Time remaining display
    • 850rpm spin speed
    • Detergent drawer
    • Pause button
  • This 5 kg dryer with tactile controls is designed to match our QuickSmart Top Loading washer. It has full reverse tumbling and comeswith wall brackets and an inverted panel so it can be inverted on the wall, or placed on the floor.

    • H 830 x W 600 x D 600mm
    • Tactile touch controls
    • Simple installation
    • Auto-sensing
    • Robust door and hinge
    • 2 star energy rating
  • Tuscany frontloading 6kg electronic vented dryer with 4 programs.

    • H 840 x W 595 x D 550mm
    • Anti-crease option
    • Transparent door with 180 degree opening
    • Child lock/error alarm
    • Freestanding or wall mounted
    • Auto stop drying
    • Stainless steel drum
    • Heating selection of full dry, half dry and airing
    • 2 star energy rating

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