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  • Breville Electronic Kitchen Scales


    now $ 24.99
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    Price offer ends 13 Dec 2016
    Price offer ends 13 December 2016.

    A Large LCD display shows weight measurements in 1 gram increments up to 5 kilograms. It features a 'tare' function that allows you to weighonly the ingredients and different loads consecutively without removing the original load. Other features include a converter that can switch between metric and imperial measurements . Also for international recipes, an ambient room temperature display, and an easy-clean weighing platform with touch pad buttons.

    • Large 5kg capacity
    • High 1g accuracy
    • Easy clean surface
    • Metric/imperial conversion
    • Ambient temperature display
    • Kitchen timer
    • Large LCD screen
    • Zero tare function
    • Stylish touchpad controls
    • Batteries included
    • Integrated timer
  • Get clean, fresh and healthy chilled water at the touch of a button with this bench top water filter and chiller. Featuring a 5L capacity, a fast cooling system and dual taps for room temperature or chilled water, the Bench Top Water Cooler is the perfect home or office solution.

    • Bench top water filter and chiller
    • 5L water capacity
    • Compact design to fit on bench top
    • Fast cooling system
    • Replaceable filter
    • Dual taps for room temperature or chilled water
    • Power cord length: 182-184cm
  • Drink fresh, chilled water free from impurities and taste the difference! The Sheffield activated carbon water filter used to purify your tap water. For use in the Sheffield Benchtop Water Cooler, comes in packs of three.

    • Carbon activated
    • Three pack
    • For Sheffield PLA1327 Benchtop Water Cooler
  • This-3-in-1 device solves an array of kitchen challenges with precision. As a scale, it measures weight in 1 gram increments up to 5kilograms. It also has a tare/zero feature to reset the scale to zeroto make adding extra ingredients to a recipe or bowl easy and precise.The LCD timer helps time various kitchen tasks. The built in temperature probe can be inserted into liquids and solids to measure up to 150°C and the scale also displays the ambient temperature. All measurements can be read in both metric and imperial for internationalrecipe conversion. It's like having a sous chef.

    • Brushed stainless steel finish
    • Up to 1g increments
    • Removable digital thermometer
    • Integrated timer
    • Zero tare
    • Ambient temperature display
    • 5kg maximum capacity
    • Easy clean surface
    • LCD display
    • 1 x 9V battery included
    • Temperature probe

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