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  • Nutribullet Blast Off Bag


    $ 19.99

    Take your delicious NutriBlast wherever you go!

    • Insulated to keep your blast fresh
    • Fits 500ml or 700ml Nutribullet cups
  • Delonghi Signature Blend Coffee Beans 500g


    $ 19.99

    A skilful blend of 70% arabica and 30% robusta, the signature blend coffee beans delivers a good strength of coffee that is smooth and harmonious, yet sharp in flavour.

    • Blended from selected quality imported arabica and robusta beans and slow roasted to perfection by our own master roaster using our unique traditional Italian wood fire roasting process
    • The sharp blend delivers a full bodied aroma and a perfect crema everytime
  • Breville Eco 2 in 1 Cleaner & Descaler


    $ 19.99

    Removes coffee residue and hard water scale in one application.

    • Removes coffee residue and hard water
    • Scale in one application
    • Phosphate & gmo free
    • Biodegradable
    • Odourless
    • 1 bottle = 1 dose (2 bottles included)
    • For use with capsule, manual & automatic coffee machines
  • Breville Eco Coffee Residue Cleaner


    $ 23.99

    Gently removes coffee residue and oil build up

    • Phosphate and GMO free
    • Biodegradable
    • Odourless
    • 1 tablet = 1 dose
  • Sodastream 1L Copper Metal Fuse Bottle Single


    $ 24.99

    Sodasteam 1L Copper Metal Fuse Bottle Single

    • 1x 1L Fuse Bottles
    • Stylish Copper
    • Metal base and lid
  • Sodastream 1 Litre Carb Bottle 3 Pack


    $ 24.99

    The reusable bottles come with a hermetic seal cap, which keeps beverages fizzy. The bonus pack lets you buy 3 bottles for the price of 2.

    • BPA free
    • Holds 1 litre of soft drink
    • Easy to use screw top caps
    • White cap and base
    • Twin pack plus bonus bottle
  • Delonghi Descaler


    $ 29.99

    The Delonghi descaler is the solution to prevent mineral and scale build up in the water heating area, boiler and tubes.

    • Prevents mineral and scale build up in the water heating area, boiler and tubes
  • Breville Eco Coffee Residue Cleaning Tablets - 40 Pack


    $ 29.99

    Gently removes coffee residue and oil build up.

    • Removes coffee residue and oil build up in coffee machines
    • Phosphate & GMO Free
    • Biodegradable
    • Odourless
    • 1 tablet = 1 dose
  • Breville The Smoking Gun Woodchips


    $ 31.99

    Add a finishing touch by smoking meat, fish, vegetables, sauces and cocktails for a natural smoke flavour infusion

    • 4 types of woodchips in custom screw aluminium containers: hickory, applewood, cherrywood and mesquite
    • Each approx 150ml by volume/30-50g depending on wood type and chip size
  • Philips AirFryer XL Double Layer Accessory


    $ 34.99

    Maximise your airfryer XL's cooking space with the double layer accessory. Bake, grill or fry tasty burgers, chicken wings, fish and more in an easy, quick and healthy way

    • Double layer accessory for more versatile recipes
    • The accessory allows you to cook flatter foods such as burger patties
  • Breville 6 Replacement Water Filters


    $ 36.99

    These water filters from Breville reduce water hardness to improve the appearance and flavour of water for your espresso. Filters should be changed every 2 months, as indicated by the date dial on the filter holder handle inside the water tank.

    • Charcoal filter removes impurities that affect the smell and taste of water
  • Sunbeam Egg Cooker


    $ 37.00
    Price offer ends 19 November 2019.

    Boil up to 4 eggs or poach up to 3 eggs exactly how you like them with the Sunbeam Snack Heroes Egg Cooker. Create soft, medium or hard boiled eggs in under 5 minutes and our egg cooker will tweet to let you know when they are ready.

    • Cooking rack holds and cooks up to 4 eggs at once
    • Poaches up to 3 eggs to perfection
    • Convenient piercing pin on the cooking rack
    • Lid with markings to measure quantity of water required
    • Tweets when ready
    • Bonus 2 egg cups included