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  • Sunbeam Specialty Brew Coffee Maker PC8100
    $ 199.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Enjoy great coffee simply made with the new Sunbeam Specialty Brew Drip Filter Coffee Machine an easy to use coffee maker that makes consistently better tasting coffee. The Specialty Brew Drip Filter Coffee Machine features an easy color coded measuring system on the scoop, carafe and water reservoir, making it simple to add the right amount of coffee and water every time. It also includes a 2 step Advanced Water Filtration System that improves taste by removing impurities in water and an Illuminated 4 Hour Freshness Indicator that tells you how long it's been since the coffee was brewed.

    • Easy Measure colour coded measuring system
    • 4 Hour Brew Freshness Indicator
    • Advanced Water Filtration System
    • Programmable LED Display
    • Brew Now and Brew Later options with cleaning cycle
    • 4 Hour Shut Off automatically turns off the coffeemaker
    • Drip Free, No Mess Carafe pours coffee perfectly every time
    • Grab a cup auto pause
  • Nespresso Creatista Plus BNE800BSS Coffee Machine by Breville, Stainless Steel BNE800BSS
    $ 999.00
    19 Fly Buys points

    The new Nespresso Creatista Plus lets you enjoy cafe style quality coffee, whatever your personal coffee preference. With a fully automatic steam wand, you can now create perfectly textured milk set to your preferred temperature for your coffee at home. To add a barista's touch to your coffee, you can use Creatista Plus frothy milk to create your own latte art. We have perfected the coffee, so you can perfect the milk pour. Its intuitive digital display will guide you through several coffees so you can choose and personalise your favourite coffee. Be it a flat white or cappuccino that takes your fancy, the ingenious automatic steam wand will deliver perfectly texturized milk at your preferred temperature for you to pour into your coffee of choice. The ultimate in indulgent coffee perfection. Designed for Nespresso capsules; high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee in infinitely-recyclable aluminium.

    • The Nespresso Creatista Plus features a premium and robust design with a high-gloss finish. A stainless steel barista milk jug with a pour spout designed specifically for latte art is included to achieve cafe quality microfoam
    • With 8 beverage selections, you can have the perfect cup of black coffee (Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo), milk based recipe (Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Flat White) and milk froth with a versatile level of settings (coffee volume, milk temperature and milk texture)
    • Enjoy an enhanced coffee and milk experience and the possibility to easily create an authentic top-quality latte art coffee thanks to an innovative, automatic and expert steam pipe capable of: adjustable milk temperature (11 settings), adjustable froth quality (8 texture levels), temperature sensing and fast / self-cleaning
    • Nespresso Creatista Plus provides an intuitive user interface with its high resolution
    • display which guides you on all preparation, setting and maintenance aspects. A hassle free cleaning that is further enhanced by the automatic purge of the steam wand after each use
    • The 19 bar high-performance pump offers barista-style coffee every time, perfectly extracting the delicate flavour and premium aromas of each coffee capsule and creating an incomparably dense and unctuous crema. The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 10 seconds and energy saving auto shut-off after 9 minutes
    • Designed for Nespresso capsules; high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee in infinitely-recyclable aluminium.
    • The Nespresso Club offers complementary recycling services to its Club Members.
    • Recycle your used coffee capsule at your nearest Nespresso boutique, drop off at a Recycling Collection Point, or order a Bulk Collection
  • Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine EM5300
    $ 999.99
    19 Fly Buys points

    This espresso machine with integrated grinder provides an all in one machine to easily make barista style coffee at home

    • Temp° IQ shot control
    • Auto shot 1 cup, 2 cup and programmable shot volumes
    • Tap & go integrated grinder
    • Powerful steam wand for microfoam
    • Café 58mm group head & handle
    • Modern, sleek and thoughtful design
    • Accessories: 58mm café size group handle, café tamper, SS 460ml cafe milk jug, 2 x single floor, cleaning pinand grinder brush
  • Breville the Espresso Detox Pack BES015CLR
    $ 94.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Give your machine a cleansing detox

    • eco descaler 120ml
    • eco milk frother cleaner 120ml
    • eco coffee residue cleaning tablets 8 pack
    • microfibre cleaning cloths (x2)
    • stainless steel cleaner & polish 250ml
  • Sunbeam Cleaning Tablets EM0020
    $ 19.99

    For use with automatic and manual coffee machine.

    • 8 pack
  • Breville Eco Liquid Descaler (2 x 120ml) BES009CLR
    $ 24.99

    Removes hard water scale from your coffee machine and kettles.

    • removes hard water scale from coffee machines
    • phosphate & GMO free
    • biodegradable
    • odourless
    • 1 bottle = 1 dose
  • Breville the Aroma Style Electronic LCM700BSS
    $ 139.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    Make a fresh brew automatically. Programmable Drip coffee maker, that can be pre-programmed so you can wake up to a fresh brew in the morning.

    • Large 12 cup capacity (1.5L)
    • Brews 12 cups of hot coffee in 10 minutes*.
    • LCD display with one-touch brewing
    • Delay brew timer
    • Program to automatically brew coffee at a later time within a 24-hour period.
    • Brew strength control-adjusts the brew strength from regular to strong, at the touch of a button.
    • Multiple flow system-dispenses hot water evenly over ground coffee for optimum coffee extraction.
    • Non-drip valve system-carafe can be removed to pour coffee at any time, even while brewing is underway.
    • Thermostatically controlled hot plate-keeps coffee at the optimum temperature once brewing cycle is complete.
    • Glass carafe with hinged lid
    • BPA free^ materials
    • Dishwasher-safe parts
    • ^ Laboratory tests show water not containing BPA that is boiled and filtered through this coffee maker will be BPA free to a resolution of 1 part per million.
    • * Brew time is based on brewing 12 cups of regular strength coffee. Brew time will differ if strength button is selected.
  • Breville Eco Milk Frother Cleaner BES011CLR
    $ 24.99

    Removes the build up of milk residue and bacteria from milk frothing wands.

    • removes the build up of milk residue and bacteria from milk frothing wands
    • phosphate & GMO free
    • biodegradable
    • odourless
    • 1 bottle = 4 doses
  • Nespresso Creatista Pro BNE900BSS Coffee Machine by Breville, Stainless Steel BNE900BSS
    $ 999.00
    19 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 28 September 2021.

    The Nespresso Creatista Pro gives you the ability to easily create personalised café-style quality coffees at home. With a stylish sleek design and stainless steel finish, the Creatista Pro has a 3 second heat up time, 8 preset drinks with the ability to customise coffee volume, milk texture and temperature settings.

    • Intuitive TFT touch screen display
    • Dual Thermo JetTM Heating System
    • Fast 3 second Heat Up
    • 8 pre-programmed and save custom coffee settings
    • Coffee Volume (7 settings)
    • Milk Texture (8 settings
    • Milk Temperature(11settings)
    • Adjustable coffee volume, milk temperature and texture settings
    • Automatic Micro Foam Milk Texturing
    • Extract Espresso & Texture milk simultaneously
    • Dedicated Hot Water Spout for Long Black
    • Auto clean function
    • Accessories included: Stainless Steel Milk Jug & Tasting Box of Nespresso Capsules, steam wand cleaning tool
    • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Breville the Bench Saver Tamp Mat BES035BLK
    $ 39.99

    Extra thick silicone tamp mat with overhang to protect your bench top when tamping

    • generous tamping surface with overhang
    • extra thick protective silicone construction
    • food safe
    • BPA free
  • Delonghi Magnifica S Coffee Machine ECAM22110SB
    $ 1249.00
    24 Fly Buys points

    The compact fully automatic coffee machine is the perfect balance between simplicity, strength, style and technology. With over 13 adjustable settings making coffee couldn't be easier.

    • Energy saving function
    • Thermoblock heating system
    • Personalising coffee as often as you want has never been easier
    • Water filter
    • Cappuccino system: it combines steam, air and milk, producing a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos
    • Choose from short or long, try a strong or extra mild aroma, enjoy it piping hot, medium or low temperature
    • The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee
    • New silent integrated coffee grinder with 13 adjustable settings
    • Adjustable coffee and water quantity
    • Pre-brewing cycle
    • Auto shut off
    • Flavour saving coffee beans container tap
    • Rinse and decalcification auto programs
    • Cup holder
    • Programmable water hardness
    • Removable drip tray with level indicator
    • Power supply switch for zero consumption
    • Energy saving function
    • New thermoblock: to grant the espresso at the ideal and constant temperature
  • Delonghi Primadonna Soul Fully Automatic Coffee Machine ECAM61075MB
    $ 2279.00
    45 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 5 October 2021.

    Primadonna Soul is specifically designed for coffee lovers who want the best from their coffee, without years of barista training. Featuring Wi-fi connectivity with automatic Bean Adapt Technology, the machine can adapt its settings for the perfect extraction tailored to specific bean blends and roasting types. Simply enter the blend and roast level of the chosen beans, and the machine will do the rest. The large 4.3" TFT touch display provides easy access to the 5 user profiles and 21 coffee recipes, including one-touch favourites such as cappuccino, flat white, and latte, and the coffee pot recipe to prepare batch coffee with ease.

    • A machine that knows your beans: With Bean Adapt Technology, setting the machine settings is as easy as entering the chosen bean types into the app and the machine will adapt the grind, dose and temperature for the perfect extraction.
    • Wi-fi Connectivity with Coffee Link App to control the machine parameters, on-off control, recipe creation, and much more.
    • The 500ml capacity integrated LatteCrema system provides perfectly textured milk every time, with an easy fill top and thermal double wall design to keep milk cool for longer while out of the fridge.
    • The large 4.3" TFT Touch display provides easy interaction, one-touch selection for 21 different recipes, user profiles, and control of quantity, temperature and aroma of your coffee.