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  • Delonghi LaSpecialista Prestigio Manual Coffee Machine - Metal EC9355M
    $ 1199.00
    23 Fly Buys points

    Have the confidence to craft your taste with La Specialisat Prestigio. Experiment to find your personal taste, controlling your grind, dose and temperature to extract the optimum flavours from your beans and finishing with silky smooth textured milk. Choose a refined experience with uncompomising quality for your barista quality coffee at home.

    • Integrated grinder: SensorGRINDING Technology
    • Integrated tamper: SmartTAMPING Station
    • Advanced LATTE System to achieve foam and flat milk
    • Coffee Thermoblock and independent heating system for milk
    • ActiveTEMPERATURE Control
    • 19-bar pump
    • 3 pre-set recipes: Espresso, Coffee and Americano (Long Black for AUS)
    • Dedicated hot water outlet for teas and infusions
    • MY function to customize recipes
    • Ready to use: zero waiting time
    • Filter holder with EasyClean filters (1 or 2 cups)
    • Active Rinsing to heat up and clean the coffee circuit for a perfect preparation
    • Hosts cups and mugs up to 12cm tall
    • Espresso cup tray (8cm) to maintain a perfect crema
    • Pressure gauge for full extraction control
    • Descaling alarm and one-touch descaling function
    • Removable 2L water tank with water level sensor
    • Removable drip tray with presence sensor
    • Precious full metal and chromed design
    • Welcome set including: milk jug, descaling solution, brush, single and double filter
    • New Americano recipe: double shot of espresso + hot water
  • Nespresso Gran Lattissima EN650W Coffee Machine by DeLonghi, White EN650W
    $ 749.00
    14 Fly Buys points

    Discover a milky world with the DeLonghi Gran Lattissima. Easily create your favourite coffee and milk recipes that perfectly match your taste featuring the exclusive new milk system that allows you to make flat and foamy drinks.

    • NEW Automatic milk system - creates the perfect milk foam for a Flat White or Cappuccino
    • Pure One Touch - The milk foam is programmed into every recipe, the convenience of cafe style coffee with one touch
    • Enhanced convenience with 9 Pure One Touch Recipes
    • Easy to use with intuitive interface
    • Descaling and cleaning alerts
    • Automatic switch-off after 9 minutes of inactivity
    • 1.3L water tank
    • Programmable water hardness
    • 19 bar pressure
    • Designed for Nespresso capsules; high quality, sustainably sourced coffee in infinitely-recyclable aluminium
    • The Nespresso Club offers complementary recycling services to its club members
    • Recycle your used coffee capsule at your nearest Nespresso boutique, drop off at Recycling Collection Point, or order Bulk Collection
  • Delonghi Stilosa Manual Espresso Coffee Maker EC230BK
    $ 399.99
    7 Fly Buys points

    Choose your favourite blend and brew your own espresso with a perfect crema. Brew a wide range of milk based beverages with the stainless steel milk frother. Compact and modern design with easy grip finishes.

    • Precious finishing with a special combination of matt and glossy details to highlight better the dynamic shapes
    • Stainless steel boiler
    • 15-bar pump
    • Filter holder for ground coffee (1 or 2 cups). Special finishing of the portafilter
    • Self-priming system means machine is always ready for use
    • Milk frother for special cappuccinos
    • Single selector knob for on/off, espresso and cappuccino with indicator lights
    • 2 separate thermostats to control water and steam temperatures
    • Extra drip tray, removable to host big glasses up to 110 mm
    • Anti drip system
    • Removable and transparent water tank (1 lt capacity)
  • Delonghi La Specialista Maestro Manual Pump Coffee Machine EC9665M
    $ 1799.00
    35 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 28 September 2021.

    Experience a symphony of coffee craftsmanship like no other with La Specialista Maestro. Be your own barista, with precise control over grinding, dosing and temperature settings. Choose to manually texture your milk and create latte art masterpieces with the MyLatte Art steam wand, or enjoy the convenience of the LatteCrema system automatic milk texturing.

    • A machine that knows your beans: with Sensor Grinding Technology that ensures the grind is consistent, regardless of the dose setting.
    • Smart tamping station: delivers a consistent tamp pressure and even level, all inside the machine without the mess or guesswork.
    • Flavour control at your fingertips: Adjust the extraction temperature to bring out the full flavour of your coffee beans with 5 temperature profiles.
    • The ultimate extraction: Dynamic Pre-infusion matches the infusion to the grind setting.
    • The creamiest textured milk for balanced flavour: Choose between the MyLatte Art steam wand to texture your own milk and experiment with latte art, or the automatic LatteCrema System for a consistent silky smooth milk.
    • Integrated tamper: Smart TAMPING Station
    • Dual milk systems - choose from automatic LatteCrema System or manual LatteArt Steam wand to texture your own latte art.
    • Coffee Thermoblock and independent heating system for milk
    • Active TEMPERATURE Control
    • 19 - bar pump
    • 6 pre - set recipes: Espresso, Coffee, Long Black, Latte, Flat White and Capuccino
    • Dedicated hot water outlet for teas and infusions
    • MY function to customize recipes
    • Filter holder with single wall baskets (1 & 2 cup) up to 20g dose.
    • Fits cups and mugs up to 14cm tall
    • Espresso cup tray (8cm) to maintain a perfect crema
    • Pressure gauge for full extraction control
    • Descaling alarm and one - touch descaling function
    • Removable 2L water tank with water level sensor
    • Removable drip tray with presence sensor
    • Full metal and chromed design with black accents
    • Welcome set including: milk jug, descaling solution, brush, single and double filter, Coffee Guide and Quick Start Guide
  • Delonghi La Specialista Arte Pump Coffee Machine EC9155MB
    $ 699.00
    13 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 5 October 2021.

    La Specialista Arte allows the coffee explorer to enjoy the art of making coffee, effortlessly. Be the barista in your own home, with a simple and authentic process from grinding, dosing tamping and texturing. A complete set of barista accessories and exclusive technologies puts you in control, achieving in-cup results that perfectly match your personal taste.

    • Thermoblock heating system: always the perfect temperature
    • Integrated grinder with 8 grind settings
    • NEW Single wall Filter baskets (1 or 2 cups): coffee dose up to 20 g
    • 2 pre-set coffee recipes: Espresso and Long Black
    • 3 Infusion Coffee Temperatures (92/94/96° C)
    • Dosing&Tamping guide for mess free operations and perfect tamping
    • Tamping Mat
    • 15-bar pump
    • My Latte Art system: perfect to prepare hot milk, or textured microfoam
    • Dedicated Hot water outlet for teas and Long Black
    • Espresso cup support to maintain a perfect crema
    • Cup height up to 11cm tall
    • Removable 1.5L water tank
    • Accessories: Milk jug, Dosing&Tamping guide, Tamper ,Tamping Mat, Steam Wand cleaning tool, descaling solution, single and double filter.
  • Breville the All Clean Microfibre Cloths BES040GRY
    $ 29.99

    Three high performance microfibre cloths help lift coffee grime, grease & finger marks

    • a cloth for every coffee cleaning task (steam wand, portafilter & espresso machine)
    • machine washable
    • dryer safe
  • Breville the Bambino BES450BSS
    $ 499.00
    9 Fly Buys points

    Like professional machines, the Bambino can deliver third wave specialty coffee. This is made possible by the 4 keys formula delivering barista quality performance. With a proprietary thermojet heating system the machine is ready to start in 3 seconds.

    • Meets the 4 keys formula - right dose of freshly ground beans, precise temperature control, optimal water pressure and optimal steam pressure for microfoam milk
    • Proprietary Thermojet heating system - 3 second heat up
    • Thermojet powered steam wand (Milk jug not included and sold separately)
    • Digital Temperature Control (PID) for precise extraction
    • Low pressure pre-infusion, followed by high pressure 9 bar extraction delivered via 15 bar Italian pump
    • Simple interface with convenient one-touch 1 & 2 cup volumetric control, steam and hot water