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Drinkmakers, Sodastream

Those who enjoy SodaStream drinks makers can find everything they need at Noel Leeming. From replacement cylinders to starter packs including gas cylinders, source machines and carbonating bottles, to all your favorite syrups, we’re the place. We carry a wide assortment of flavored syrups, including cola, raspberry, ginger beer, lemonade, tonic -- even diet flavors such as cola, tonic and ginger beer. If you need caps we have those too. Sample our SodaStream Night Spirit line of syrups, 500ml bottles of non-alcoholic syrup in flavors such as daiquiri, mojito and others. For something a bit stronger simply add your favorite spirits. And when you need carb bottles, in single or twin packs, we can help there too -- we even have milkshake makers, for complete family fun. For extra pizzazz take a look at SodaStream Play, which gives you the same great sparkling water, but comes in a variety of exciting colors, as well as a 1-litre “Fuse” carbonating bottle and gas cylinder.

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