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  • Kenwood Chef Sense XL Planetary Mixer


    $ 1049.00
    20 Fly Buys points

    Surprising and delighting family and friends with your home baking skills is now even easier than you might think. The Kenwood Chef XL Sense has been designed and engineered to guarantee that you get amazing results, every time.

    • 1400 watt motor
    • 5 bowl tools included: k-beater, balloon whisk, dough hook, flexi beater and folding tool
    • 6.7L bowl for all your kneading, whisking and mixing requirements
    • Maintains its speed and power with heavy batters and doughs
    • Variable speed with pulse allows you to tailor the speed to your requirement, helping you to achieve better results
    • The product features ensure everything you make with the Chef XL Senseis effortless. Intelligent speed control allows for perfect mixing every time
  • Breville the Bakery Boss® Sea Salt


    $ 839.00
    16 Fly Buys points

    Power and Speed in the clarity of glass. Makes light work of heavy doughs and batters. The combination of a super 1200W heavy duty high torque motor and 100% metal gears with more teeth allows for longer running times under heavy loads**. Detects a heavier load and automatically adjusts the power to maintain the selected speed. **Longer running times under heavy loads compared to the Breville BEM800 and BEM820.

    • High torque 1200 watt super heavy duty motor and 100% metal gearing
    • Dual sided scraper beater cuts mixing times by up to 60%
    • High quality borosilicate microwave safe glass bowl
    • A light under the mixer head for bowl illumination
    • Mixing light splash guard and sealing lid
    • Variable speed control with load sensing technology
    • Also includes a flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk