• Fisher & Paykel 7kg Sensor Dryer DE7060G2
    $ 1069.00
    21 Fly Buys points

    This Fisher & Paykel vented dryer has a large 7kg capacity making it perfect for family sized loads. Auto-sensing detects moisture level to prevent under or over drying Six dry cycles including Freshen, Heavy and Everyday Wall mounting kit included

    • H 830 x W 600 x D 600mm
    • Door opens to a full 180°
    • Auto-sensing
  • Westinghouse 4.5kg Vented Clothes Dryer WDV457HQWA
    $ 559.00
    11 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 17 August 2021.

    4.5kg vented clothes dryer comes with anti-tangling reverse tumbling action for even drying results. Other features include time drying and a delicates setting.

    • H 795 x W 600 x D 520mm
    • Reverse Tumbling Action
    • Tumble action alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise, reducing clothes tangling and bunching together, so they dry more evenly.
    • Delicates setting
    • The lower temperature setting ensure your delicates are dried gently and effectively.
    • Auto cool down
    • The auto cool down forms a part of the final drying cycle. This reduces creasing of clothes and provides a safety feature.
    • Front lint filter
    • Child safety lock door
    • Easy to use rotary dial control
    • Time drying
    • Front or rear venting
    • Wall mounting kit included
  • Haier 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine HWF85BW1
    $ 1199.00
    23 Fly Buys points

    • H 850 x W 595 x D 650mm
    • 16 wash programs
    • Speed Up wash function
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • Wave Drum design for a gentler and more efficient wash
    • Delay start function
    • 4.5 star water rating
    • 3.5 star energy rating
  • Samsung 5.5kg Top Load Washing Machine WA55H4000
    $ 558.00
    11 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 10 August 2021.

    Get through your laundry quickly with the 5.5kg Top Load Washer. This washing machine features six cycles, which provide you with more choices to best suit your needs. Made with a diamond drum, it will be gentle on garments. This washing machine has a 3-star water rating, a 2-star energy rating and an eco-tub clean option, efficiently removing built-up from the inside of your machine.

    • H 850 x W 540 x D 560mm
    • Gentle on clothes with Diamond Drum
    • Air turbo drying system helps to reduce drying times
    • Double storm pulsator
    • Durable and long lasting door
    • 700RPM
    • Magic Filter effectively gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your clothes
    • 6 cycles
    • Tub Clean technology easily cleans the tub of your machine without theuse of chemical detergents
    • Also available in 6.5kg (WA65F5S)
    • Side drain hose outlet
  • Samsung 7.5KG Front Load Washing Machine WW75K54E0UW/SA
    $ 1198.00
    23 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 10 August 2021.

    Keep your clothing fresh, clean and stain free with the 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine with AddWash. Relax when you're doing the laundry.If you've forgotten any clothes that need washing the Add Wash door lets you simply and quickly add extra items or more detergent after your wash cycle has started.It also allows you to easily pop in hand-washed clothes that you want to rinse or spin dry. This washer has Samsung's Bubblewash technology for a more thorough clean in a shorter amount of time. Made with a diamond drum, it will be gentle on clothing. It has a child lock, giving you additional safety and peace of mind. With a 15-minute small load quick wash timed program, this washing machine allows you to do laundry even if you're short on time. This washing machine has a 4.5-star water rating, a 4 star energy rating and Samsung's Super Eco Wash cycle, minimising your home's energy use by running at a lower water temperature. It has a delay end option mechanism for additional convenience.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 600mm
    • Stay Clean Drawer
    • Steam Cycles
    • Daily Wash
    • 4 Star Energy Rating
    • 4.5 Star Water Rating
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 24 Months
    • AddWash
  • Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg WashSmart Front Load Washing Machine WH7560P2
    $ 1529.00
    30 Fly Buys points

    Make sure that your garments are always clean with the 7.5kg WashSmart Front Load Washer. This washing machine has Fisher & Paykel's SmartDrive(TM) Technology, offering improved functionality and performance. With 13 cycles, it enables you to launder anything from towels to tablecloths. This washing machine features a 4.5-star water rating and a 4-star energy rating for a more sustainable design.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 590mm
    • 13 wash programs
    • Fast 1400RPM max spin speed
    • Add a garment option
    • SmartDrive technology
    • Quick vortex wash cycles
    • 5 temperature controls
    • Delay start
    • 4 star energy rating
    • Also available in 8.5kg
    • Pair me with the Fisher & Paykel 8kg Condenser Dryer DC8060P1 or 8kg Heat Pump Dryer DH8060P1
  • Haier 4kg Vented Dryer HDV40A1
    $ 669.00
    13 Fly Buys points

    • H 830 x W 600 x D 495mm
    • Sensor drying
    • Easy access lint filter inside door
    • Front and rear venting
    • 2 temperature settings
    • Reverse Tumble
    • 2 star energy rating
  • Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer HDC80E1
    $ 1399.00
    27 Fly Buys points


    • H 845 x W 595 x D 648mm
    • 16 drying programs
    • Sensor drying
    • Anti-crease function
    • 4 temperature settings
    • Child lock
    • LED display screen
    • 2 star energy rating
  • Samsung 6.5kg Top Load Washing Machine WA65F5S6DRW
    $ 798.00
    15 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 10 August 2021.

    • H 983 x W 610 x D 670mm
    • Digital inverter motor
    • Tempered glass lid
    • Graphic LED display
    • Side drain hose outlet
    • 2 star energy rating
    • 4 star water rating
    • 10 year warranty on the digital inverter motor
  • Westinghouse 6kg Top Load Washing Machine WWT6055TMWA
    $ 798.00
    15 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 17 August 2021.

    6.0kg top load washing machine with 11 wash programs, gentle agitator wash action, gentle drum, time remaining display and delay end.

    • H 975 x W 575 x D 642mm
    • Fast wash program
    • Delay end option to plan when your wash finishes
    • Gentle drum
    • Delicates wash program
    • Reduce wash time option
    • Better results with a new gentler drum
    • Designed to treat your clothes with the care they deserve, the gentle drum has thousands of holes to enhance the water flow rate so that detergent dissolves faster. This improves effectiveness and ensures a deeper clean.
    • EZI Set controls
    • Enjoy great results at the touch of a button. With everything you need at your fingertips, the full-touch controls are easy to use and help you get your washing done faster. Simply work your way from left to right, set your wash and go. Plus, a quick wipe down is all you need to keep things clean.
    • Durable and easy to clean premium lid
    • The toughened glass lid is not only stylish but durable. Its scratch resistant flat surface can be used as an additional work space in your laundry room and best of all its easy to wipe clean.
    • Save time with fast wash programs
    • Sometimes you just need to get a few things clean fast and that's where the super Quick 20 minute program comes in handy. The Daily 45 minute program is ideal of your regular loads.
    • Dont wait for a wash to finish
    • All EZI Set models feature a time remaining display so you don't have to wait around for a wash to finish. You can better plan your day and get on with things you'd rather do.
    • Features
    • Wash options you really need
    • You will open and shut the lid of your washing machine thousands of times. So the EZI Set washing machine features a redesigned lid that is not only stylish but also durable. It will easily withstand a basket full of wet towels thrown on top.
  • Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine & 5kg Dryer Combo WD8560F1
    $ 2669.00
    53 Fly Buys points

    This Fisher & Paykel Front Loader Washing Machine Dryer Combo provides a complete laundry solution, washing and drying your clothes with premium fabric care. Designed to care for every type of fabric with specialised cycles. Offers low-temperature drying to prevent fabric damage and a reverse-tumble drying action to minimise tangling.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 640mm
    • SmartDrive Technology
    • 10 wash only cycles & 9 dry only cycles
    • Add a garment feature allows you to pause your wash cycle, add or remove an item, then carry on washing.
    • Maximum 1400RPM spin speed for faster drying
    • 10 continuous wash & dry cycles
    • Designed to care for every type of fabric with specialised cycles. Offers low-temperature drying to prevent fabric damage and a reverse-tumble drying action to minimise tangling.
    • Hot spin technology reduces moisture content to speed up the drying process saving time and energy.
    • Quick cycle times - wash and dry an average load in three hours or less
    • Easy installation - all that's required is a cold water inlet, a drain and power - no venting required
  • Haier 9kg Front Load Washing Machine HWF90BW1
    $ 1329.00
    26 Fly Buys points

    • H 850 x W 650 x D 595mm
    • 16 wash programs
    • Delay start function
    • Wave Drum design for a gentler and more efficient wash
    • Long lasting Anti-Bacterial Treated (ABT) door seal
    • Automatic door lock
    • 4.5 star water rating
    • 4 star energy rating