• Withings HR Smart Watch 36mm White HWA03-36WHITE-N
    $ 249.00
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    Price offer ends 30 June 2021.

    Steel HR is a high-quality hybrid smartwatch crafted with 316L stainless steel that moves with you. Office, gym, pool, and everywhere in between. It features HR monitoring 24/7, multisport tracking, connected GPS and sleep tracking. Steel HR will go the distance with a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 days and water resistance up to 50 meters.

    • Knowing your heart rate is good, but using it to improve your health is even better. Your HR can show you what you need to do to achieve your goals. With its 25 days of battery life, Steel HR takes readings around the clock to give a holistic view of your heart.
    • Steel HR is a comprehensive activity tracker that automatically recognizes and records walk, run, swim, and sleep. Additionally, you can easily activate workout mode right on your wrist by choosing from over 30 sports, from soccer to Pilates to ping pong.
    • Because better sleep is more than just how long you sleep, every day, wake to your Sleep Score in the Health Mate app, where you can also view your light & deep sleep stages, overnight heart rate, interruptions and more. Plus, wake with a gentle vibration at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. Even better? Steel HR also supports multiple alarms, to help keep you on time.
    • With a simple long-press on the button, you can start to log a sport session. Steel HR will time and record continuous heart rate, calories burned, as well as distance, location and elevation with connected GPS. All of this info will be on your wrist in real time.
    • Steel HR is designed to work for you as a daily companion. With its impressive water resistance to 50m, a long life rechargeable battery that lasts 25 days (plus another month in energy saving mode), and fully customizable notifications, its as office friendly as it is sport ready.
    • You can stay in-the-know on the go with a vibration and smartphone notifications right on the embedded digital screen. Steel HR supports calls, texts, events and all your favorite apps. Choose which notifications will be displayed on the watch.
  • Withings Body Cardio Scale WBS04-BLACK-N
    $ 269.99
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    Get to know an advanced Wi-Fi smart scale that tracks key cardiovascular health metrics, weight and body composition to empower you to make the right choices to improve your health over time.

    • BODY COMPOSITION - Weight (kg, lb, st), weight trends, body fat & water %, muscle & bone mass
    • SEAMLESS WI-FI SYNC - Automatic data sync via Wi-Fi to the free Health Mate app (iOS & Android)
    • MULTI-USER FRIENDLY - Recognizes and tracks up to 8 users independently
    • HIGH ACCURACY - Works equally well on a hard floor or a thick carpet.
    • PREGNANCY & BABY MODES - Healthy weight gain during pregnancy plus an easy way to accurately weigh babies.
    • LIFE-FRIENDLY FEATURES - Ultra-thin design, rechargeable battery, localized weather forecast & previous day's steps
    • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE - Syncs with Apple Watch and + 100 top health / fitness apps (Fitbit, Apple Health, Weight Watchers)
    • WORKS WITH ALEXA - Just say, 'Alexa, ask Withings' and find out about your weight trends
  • Withings Timeless Leather Activity Tracker - Blue/Rosegold HWA06M
    $ 209.00
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    Price offer ends 30 June 2021.

    The Timeless Chic collection is unique because it brings the combination of fashion and technology to a new level by offering smart analog watches designed in classic looks that will never go out of style.

    • With up to 18 months of use with no charging, Withings Move has the longest battery life in the market to help you enjoy living with a device that seamlessly works to improve your health.
    • Withings Move features 24/7 activity tracking, sleep analysis and workout mode with connected GPS as well as automatic data synchronization with the free Health Mate app. Dont be afraid to dive into whatever comes your way thanks to its water resistance up to 50 meters.
    • Automatically tracks walk, run, bike, swim, sleep and 10 plus activities recognized, plus distance and calories burned. Easily check your step progression during the day via the analog subdial.
    • Wake to a Sleep Score based on light and deep sleep cycles, interruptions, depth & regularity, and enjoy Smart Wake-Up with a silent alarm.
    • Start a workout session from your watch, and it will leverage your phones GPS to map your path, so you can see progress and even share a visual of your adventures.
    • Jump in the pool, wash the dishes or take a shower with confidence: 5ATM is life proof. Plus, the watch will automatically detect and track swim sessions.
  • Withings Thermo SCT01-N
    $ 199.99
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    Thermo is a revolutionary thermometer that provides highly accurate temperatures and automatically syncs with a dedicated app to track up to 8 users.

    • High precision, FDA cleared - Thermo has 16 infrared sensors to provide a highly accurate result.
    • Quick & easy - Ultra-fast measurement with color-coded fever indicator.
    • Sanitary - Non-invasive measurement.
    • Automatic synchronization - Data from every measurement and health advice appears in the Thermo app automatically via Wi-Fi (iOS and AndroidTM).
    • Multi-user friendly - Up to 8 users can access their personal temperature histories and have the ability to share with doctors.
  • Withings Sleep Tracking Mat WSM-02
    $ 199.99
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    Withings Sleep features an easy one-time setup under the mattress and delivers advanced sleep cycle analysis, a daily Sleep Score, and personalized in-app coaching.

    • Monitor your sleep - Delivers sleep cycles, tracks heart rate and detects snoring. Algorithms used to analyze the data been validated with the help of a team of sleep experts.
    • Learn what matters - Wake to a daily Sleep Score to understand what makes a good night's sleep and how you can improve.
    • Progress - get personalized coaching via a dedicated program within the free Health Mate app to make sleep gains that add up to better days.
    • Enhance sleep environment - Sleep is a sensor that can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat, and more.
    • Automatic synchronization - Easy one-time setup under the mattress makes Sleep fit seamlessly into your life, wake to all data in the app via Wi-Fi.