• Withings BPM CoreWireless Blood Pressure Monitor


    $ 489.99
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    Withings BPM Core is not only a highly accurate smart blood pressure and heart rate monitor, it is the first connected device that can detect, in the comfort of your home, certain valvular heart diseases and atrial fibrillation, both a variety of cardiovascular diseases frequent amongst people suffering from high blood pressure, which can help prevent serious complications from progressing.

    • Press the button for your three-in-one heart health checkup. Readings are instantly shown on-device, and Wi-Fi sync means you don't need your phone nearby.
    • Complete assessment in 90 seconds - Monitors blood pressure and detects two major under-diagnosed heart diseases, Afib and certain forms of VHD, frequent among hypertensive people
    • Blood pressure monitoring - Delivers heart rate, plus systolic and diastolic blood pressure results
    • Detection of Atrial Fibrillation via ECG - Integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) detects and records atrial fibrillation, the most common form of arrhythmia
    • Detection of Valvular Heart Diseases via digital stethoscope- Integrated digital stethoscope detects certain valvular heart disease risks, characterized by a defect of heart valves personalized remimders
    • Share with your doctor - Save and share data with your healthcare provider to help with hypertension management and early diagnosis
    • Improved feedback - Immediate results on device with color-coded feedback
    • Automatic Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® sync - All results available instantly on your smartphone via the free Health Mate app (iOS & AndroidTM) as long as full data history
    • FDA / CE medical clearance in progress