Know-how, creativity and style – the qualities that spring from Smeg’s Italian heritage and characterise a commitment, combining architecture and art, to manufacture beautiful and timeless creations. Italian’s passion for good food and knowledge of the culinary arts led to the creation of Smeg household appliances over 70 years ago.  With advanced functions and quality cooking performances, that chefs would be proud of, Smeg aims to identify and reflect the defining characteristics of Italian design, bringing technology and style to your kitchen. Noel Leeming is excited to showcase a range of Smeg’s appliance’s now available online and in store.



 Planetarium is a full wash system, patented by Smeg, that ensures all areas and contents of the dishwasher are thoroughly cleaned. A disc is located on the axis of the washing arm, allowing for a spiralising direction wash that covers all areas of the cabinet. Providing energy efficient washing using less water than other wash systems. The unique wash arm rotates in opposite direction around two axes, for a dense wash pattern and the most intensive wash-action to date.


The orbital wash system – three aerodynamic wash arms and a multi-directional ceiling rose – ensures the small amount of water is efficiently used to produce a clean wash result. Water is sprayed in six directions, giving a thorough and very hygienic wash to your entire load. The base arm rotates and its ‘satellite’ spins 10 times faster. The base arm and top arm operate alternatively — when one is spinning, the other pauses.



 Smeg Thermoseal is the result of many decades of development in oven technology and is actually a combination of a number of innovations...

The Smeg oven cavity is completely shrouded in 20mm thick ceramic insulation, wrapped in reflective foil sheeting. This keeps the heat inside the oven and away from surrounding cabinetry.

Smeg Thermoseal ovens do not draw ambient air into the cavity during cooking.

Smeg Theromseal ovens feature new Venturi technology which allows excess moisture, of foods with high water content, to escape into the cooling system and reduces any condensation build-up. The Venturi valve also contains a catalytic converter which deodorises any steam before it is released.

Smeg Thermoseal ovens have a unique cooling system with a 22 blade tangential fan which allows cool air to circulate around the oven cavity (not in the cavity) and up through the panes of glass in the door.

There are many benefits of Thermoseal cooking - the perfectly controlled cooking environment means roasts retain nutrients, natural juices and flavour, pastries crisp to perfection and cakes rise evenly and are light and airy.


Smeg stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla - the Smeg enamelling factory in the town of Guastalla in the region of Emilia Romagna, so Smeg has the deepest heritage in enamel. The four pillars of Smeg's Ever Clean enamel are formula, application, baking and curing.

Smeg's signature enamel formula has been scientifically formulated and cannot be replicated.

Our enamel is electrostatically applied - corner to corner and edge to edge to prevent cracking or crazing over time.

Ever Clean enamel is baked at over 850°C and cured slowly at a scientifically determined rate to ensure an even depth and strength of enamel.

Smeg's Ever Clean Enamel creates a flawless finish on oven interiors and baking trays alike, making oven surfaces incredibly easy to maintain.


To help take the hard work out of cleaning your non-pyrolytic oven, Smeg has developed Vapour Clean. Just add a little water to the cavity on the oven floor, some water and detergent to the oven cavity walls, select Vapour Clean and allow the vapour to soften any residue.