Sony Master Series Desktop Hero Image
Sony Master Series Desktop Hero Image

Introducing the new Sony Master Series A9F

Introducing the new Sony Master Series A9F

Discover the art of authenticity
See how Sony's OLED screen and MASTER Series technology comes together for truly realistic entertainment
on this 4K OLED HDR TV – it’s pictures and sound in perfect harmony.
Maximising OLED contrast in every colour
Powered by the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate, this best picture quality TV pairs the deep black and natural colour of OLED with Pixel Contrast Booster™ for enhanced colour contrast in high luminance. Everything you watch comes to life with fine detail and vivid colour.
Example of Sony Pixel Contrast Booster
Example of Sony Contrast booster



Bringing the creator's intent to life
For over fifty years, Sony has been pushing the limits of TV picture quality. Now Sony's expertise mastering content creation with filmmakers and perfecting screens that replicate the creator’s intent has come together in the illustrious MASTER Series TVs.
Cinema comes home
Producing films and developing professional filmmaking equipment has made us a pioneer of the movies, and we’ve also developed TVs for a theater-like experience at home. Our goal is to create a TV ultimate concept that faithfully conveys the creators’ full intent.
Reproducing every emotion
We aim for TV picture quality with the brightness to illuminate every detail, darkness deep enough to engulf viewers and colors beautiful enough to captivate hearts. Every emotion is reproduced for ultimate realism.
Challenging the creators
We’re challenging creators to take full advantage of the technology and explore their creativity. Now filmmakers can develop new cinematic ideas and see them perfectly reproduced in the home.
Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate
Every original thought, authentically reproduced
Moving from film to TV requires content to be digitally compressed, which affects picture quality. In developing MASTER Series TVs, we wanted to recapture the creator’s perfectly finished image as a digital signal while minimizing deterioration. This was a tough challenge requiring a supreme new processor.
Example of Sony Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate
Taking sound into multiple dimensions
Just like in a concert hall, sound comes at you from different directions with Acoustic Surface Audio+™. Three actuators and two powerful subwoofers deliver multi-dimensional sound that immerses you in a whole new entertainment experience.
Example of Sony Acoustic Surface logo
Example of Sony Acoustic Surface
The centrepiece of breathtaking sound
Use your BRAVIA as a centre speaker and hear dialogue, vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity. Simply connect your home theatre system to unleash an immersive cinematic experience.
Sony Acoustic Surface
Sony Just Speak
Just talk and explore new worlds hands-free
Find all the entertainment you can dream of, simply by talking to the screen. With advanced voice control, this Android smart TV lets you enjoy movies and shows from apps or broadcast in an instant without having to reach for the remote.
Example of Sony Android TV logo
Works with Alexa
Connect your Alexa enabled devices for seamless hands-free control of a Sony TV. With Alexa, you can power up your TV, change channels, control volume and more.
Example of Sony Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate
Toward home-viewing innovation. The Sony ecosystem and Netflix.
With the advances in technology in recent years, the power of television to express the visions and inspirations of creators is better than ever. As a result, viewers can experience a vast array of entertainment filled with excitement and compelling imagery in their own homes. For many years, Sony and Netflix have been pioneering the industry and shaping the future of television, working directly with creators to bring their stories to entertainment lovers around the world. By delivering cutting edge technology like 4K and HDR, consumers can now get a cinema quality experience in the comfort of their living rooms.
Example of Sony and Netflix
In addition, Netflix has been actively investing in the production of original programming using the latest video image standards, and has developed Netflix Calibrated Mode in conjunction with Sony to ensure picture quality preservation. This mode was specially developed to reproduce the same picture quality as a studio evaluation master for television in order to preserve the filmmaker’s vision and intent.
Entertainment as it was meant to be
Netflix Calibrated Mode ensures the viewer has the option to watch series, films, documentaries and other types of stories in the way it was originally created and intended to be seen.
Studio standard TV
Promising picture quality approaching that of a master monitor used for standard reference in motion picture production studios, MASTER Series is capable of presenting TV-first entertainment in its ideal state.
Cinema thrills at home
Entertainment enthusiasts can now enjoy this experience right at home as MASTER Series, together with Netflix Calibrated Mode, faithfully reproduces the visuals that bring storytelling to vivid life.
True partnership
See how Netflix and Sony have mastered colour, contrast and motion in the living room with Netflix Calibrated Mode so you can enjoy entertainment the way the creators intended.
Discreetly designed for the screen
This 4K HDR OLED TV has a clean, minimalist design that keeps you focused on what's important - the picture.
Sony Screen Features
1. Maximises the viewing area
The screen is edged with a slim, narrow, 4-sided frame that maximises the viewing area.
2. Designed to be focused on the picture
No distractions, a stand-less body lets you focus on the screen.
Sony Screen Features
1. Dynamic sound from the screen
Three innovative Actuators behind the TV vibrate the screen to create sound that's truly cinematic.
2. Bass powered with integrated subwoofer
Two side-facing subwoofers provide a powerful spatial effect that brings movies to life.
3. Clean rear look
Easily manage all your cables, keeping wires hidden in the cover.
Sony Screen Features
1. Easy wall mounting
A super thin panel allows easy mounting of your TV to a wall.