Our Top Tips to Streaming

Get geared up & ready for streaming movies, big games & more. Streaming allows you to watch video content on-demand through a range of devices like TVs, smart phones, tablets, and computers, all with use of the internet. There are a range of services available that vary from free to monthly subscriptions - including Netflix, Lightbox, TVNZ OnDemand, 3Now On Demand, Neon and more. Here are some simple tips to help you get set up– we’re here to help.

Useful tips

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Tip 1: Check your internet connection

    Having a good internet connection is vital to being able to stream your content effectively. Using a website like Speedtest will give you an on-the-spot figure of how fast your internet can download content in megabits per second (Mbps). The minimum speed for streaming on a TV in high quality is 5 Mbps, and 25 Mbps for viewing in 4K quality (ultra high definition). If your internet speed is below this level, then the video will automatically adjust to a lower quality. We have a range of products that can help improve your internet connection, check them out here

Tip 2: Choose your device

    Smart TV – most Smart TVs will have the ability to download apps like Netflix and stream content from the TV itself. Simply log in to the streaming app you have downloaded and select the contentyou want to watch, it’ll play right on your TV. Shop our range of TVs here

    Chromecast/Apple TV/SmartVu Dongle – if you don’t have a Smart TV then you’ll need to cast content from a smartphone or tablet using one of these devices. These devices plug straight into your TV via an HDMi port found at the back of your TV, using WiFi they help to display the content on your phone or tablet on your TV. Download a streaming app like Netflix and log in to your account on your smart phone or tablet. When you begin viewing the game click the button that looks like the icon below and you’ll be able to select “Google Chromecast”. Once selected, the game will then show on your TV. Shop our range here

    Smartphone/tablet – you can download streaming apps and use these to watch your chosen content. Simply log in to the app and you can watch your content live right from your fingertips. *Lightbulb icon* Handy tip: use a WiFi connection instead of mobile data. This will save you a lot of data, and will allow for higher quality viewing.

    Computers/Laptops – visit the website where you want to watch your content, and you’ll be able to watch it directly from your computer. Streaming websites only work on certain computer set ups, so if you’re on Windows 8 or 10 or MacOS X when using Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers you’ll be able to watch your content seamlessly.

    Vodafone TV

    VodafoneTV simply plugs into your TV and combines live TV programme guides, TV recordings and apps like Netflix or Lightbox into a single home screen making watching TV easy again. You can even choose to add Sky channels. This content will automatically show up on the TV once you've selected something to watch, easy.

Important things to know

Data Usage – Streaming video content can use large amounts of Data, so it’s important you check your internet plan to make sure you don’t go over your allocation data “cap”. Each service can use a different amount of data, so it’s best to check out the video streaming provider site for more details.

Whether it’s a nail-biting series on Netflix or cheering on your favourite team, streaming services are a great way to watch the things you want, whenever you want. We’ll make sure you’re set up and ready to go, plus show you how to get the most from your tech.