Our Tech Expert is from Noel Leeming, and is immersed in the exciting world of product launches, hot trends, and latest tech everyday. Being at the front line of the action means they get the opportunity to learn about these products first hand, and bring them to you on 1 Breakfast, every fortnight!

Meet our Noel Leeming Tech Expert Stephen below.

Our Tech Expert, Stephen

Stephen Tech Expert

Hi! I am the Services Fulfilment Manager for the Tech Solutions team at Noel Leeming. What does this mean? Well, I am responsible for the day-to-day experiences our Tech Solutions team give our customers in their homes. Because every customer’s needs are different, this means every day is different! I look after team training and development, in home & in store Tech Solutions direction, as well as scheduling and routeing issues, and managing customer relationships.

I jumped at the chance to be the Noel Leeming Tech Expert because I enjoy being involved with the latest technology and trends. Further to this, I also love having the opportunity to help kiwis better understand their tech and maximise its capabilities every day. 

Technology has changed so much in the last 10 years that the majority of kiwis are running to keep up with it! By having our Tech Solutions team to call upon for advice and support (whether it is in store, in the home or over the phone), everyone can feel more confident with their technology. By being part of shaping that support and helping the front line team deliver that world class service I feel like I am helping to make kiwis lives better.

If you were to ask me what my top Tech Tip would be, it is to learn, challenge and understand. Technology is forever changing and so many things that we used to need pen and paper for can be done in an instant with technology. Embrace your technology and look for ways to use it to make your life easier! Remember, technology is designed to make it easier not harder.

One piece of tech I can't live without, like many people, is my mobile phone which is never far from my fingertips. The ability to work, connect and influence my life any time of the day is key, being able to quickly transfer money for that impulse buy at the checkout of a shop is something that would not be possible without my mobile phone. 

If you were to ask me where I see the future of tech, it will be in the "integration". I can see our technology becoming like jewellery or tattoos, it will form part of who we are. With technology getting smaller and smarter we are on the verge of a completely integrated society where technology can help us in every way. 

I look forward to taking you through tomorrow’s technology today.