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We can fix most software related issues in store, or we can recommend a quality provider if it’s something we aren't able to resolve. All of our repairs will start with a diagnostic service before we recommend next steps to getting your device on the mend!

We can help you:

Repair Software
Remove Malware/Viruses
Optimise your device


Device Diagnosis

Diagnostic Service is FREE*

$19 if device is purchased elsewhere

Smart Phone and Tablet

Phone/Tablet Fix: $49

Phone/Tablet Fix with Data Backup: $99


PC/Mac Laptop Fix: $99

PC/Mac Fix with Data Backup: $199

You can call 0800 555 989, visit us in store or book in your device online. Once your request is recieved, our team will call to confirm your booking. To book online, please click below:

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Devices we can help with:

Get help with Apple
Get help with PCs
Get help with Android phones

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