So you have your Noel Leeming Virtual Reality (VR) cardboard headset which means you’re nearly ready to start watching amazing 360 videos! Simply follow the three steps below to get set up. Remember to select a 360 video in step 2 before strapping your phone into the headset

Step 1: Watch how to build your VR headset

Now that you have your VR headset all set up, you’re ready to immerse yourself in amazing 360 videos! Choose a 360 video from below, pop your phone in the VR headset, and get ready to explore!
Note: user may need to tilt the headset slightly for better viewing

Step 2: Choose a 360 video

Hit the slopes at Cardrona!

Play Video

Surf a barrel in Tahiti!

Play Video

Skydive over Rio!

Play Video

Step 3: Start Exploring

Once you have chosen a 360 video, press 'Play video', and then press the ‘goggles’ button from the bottom right hand corner of the video. Place your phone inside your VR headset – just like in the video, and start exploring!

Important: You will need the Youtube app for the 360 to function correctly!

Pro Tip: For the even more adventurous!

Take a look at this Rollercoaster VR app on Android and iOS for a full blown, built-for-VR experience

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