Samsung Microwave sitting on a bench


Easy heating, delicious eating. These Samsung Microwaves have built in Humidity Sensors to perfectly cook your dishes, and retain all the original flavour.

Samsung microwave

Samsung Microwaves

A Samsung Microwave will add style and function to any kitchen. Zap up your food in an instant, but you can also use other features for cooking less traditional 'microwave foods'.

The Food Warming function keeps your food warm without over-cooking. This helps it retain the flavours and textures it had when initially cooked until you are ready to serve.

Up to 16 recipes are pre-programmed, so you can easily cook foods ranging from green beans to brown rice, boneless chicken breast to grilled salmon steaks.

Are you softening butter or melting chocolate? The Samsung Microwave acts as your sous chef. Select from four modes for chocolate, sugar, or butter, for perfectly softened or melted recipe ingredients.

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