How trade in works

Provided by Moorup.

Step 1

Step 1 - Quick Device Assessment

Check the value of your phone, laptop, tablet or smart watch with just a few questions.

Step 2

Step 2 - Instant Gift Card

You’ll instantly receive your digital gift card via email when you submit your trade-in*.
(A credit card is required so that Moorup can process a pre-authorisation hold as security for the value of the Noel Leeming Gift Card issued to you.)

Step 3

Step 3 - Shop at Noel Leeming

Use your gift card on any product in-store or online.

Step 4

Step 4 - Free Device Return

Easily send us your device using the provided return label.

*No credit card? No problem. Simply submit your trade in and send Moorup your device for assessment before they can send you your digital Noel Leeming Gift Card. Its that easy!

Quote Checklist

To speed up the process of receiving your Noel Leeming Gift Card, theres a few things you will need

The device you are wanting to trade-in

The make and model of your device including relevant IMEI or serial numbers. You can obtain you Smartphone IMEI number by dialling *#06#.

A valid credit card

This is only required if you are opting in for an instant Noel Leeming Gift Card. Moorup will place a pre-authorisation on your credit card as security until Moorup receives your device.

A government issued photo ID

For security reasons, Moorup is required to verify your identity using either your Passport or NZ Drivers Licence through an online verification process.

Frequently asked questions

The device trade in programme allows you to trade in your old devices in exchange for a Noel Leeming Gift Card , it helps give your device a second life and is good for the planet.

Moorup is an Australian technology company, whose mission is to extend the lives of electronic devices, helping customers save money, while helping the planet become more sustainable. Since their formation in 2018, they have rapidly built their Melbourne-based business, offering individuals and companies trade in services so that devices can be refurbished, donated or sold locally and globally.

A broad range of devices are able for trade in including smart phones, tablets, smart watches and laptops are accepted. Simply type the Brand and Model in the Moorup Portal search bar to find your device.

Absolutely, multiple devices can be submitted. Simply complete the quoting process separately for each device and Moorup will assess each one individually.

Moorup ask you to provide credit details where you opt to receive an instant Noel Leeming Gift Card at the time you receive your quote. This is so that when your device is assessed, if it does not match the condition (and therefore the value) you submitted for your quote, Moorup is able to charge you for the difference between the actual value of the product compared to the original quoted value which you received on your Noel Leeming Gift Card.

For any questions or support please go to Moorup’s help centre at or via email

Visit Moorup for full FAQs and Terms & Conditions.