Heating your home

Whether it’s a small fan heater for yourself or a larger convector heater for your lounge, this guide will help you make the right choice for you and your family to keep your home cosy during the winter season.

Heating solutions

Column Heaters
Column heaters are one of the most popular forms of heating. They heat the room by circulating hot oil through the fins. 

An oil column heater with a timer will let you set it to turn on and off automatically, saving you money and time. Some oil heaters also feature fans, allowing for faster distribution of heat.

Suitable for: Almost all rooms (small to large)

Ceramic Heaters
Ceramic heaters are highly efficient and heat the room by using a heated ceramic element. Some also have fans which distribute the heat around the room faster than those without.

They are portable but most also have a space saving wall mounted feature. Ceramic heaters work quickly allowing you to get that cosy feeling faster.

Suitable for: Almost all rooms (small to large), particularly in areas with limited floor space.

Convectors Heaters
Convector heaters are a great addition for your home. These portable heaters provide steady even heating throughout the whole room. Convector heaters work by using convection air currents (hot air rises, cold air falls) to circulate heat around the room.

Choose a model with an integrated fan to spread heat faster.

Suitable for: Medium to large sized rooms

Fan Heaters
Fan heaters deliver rapid heat, with an adjustable thermostat to accommodate your specific temperature needs. Designed with a fan-only setting, making it ideal for both summer and winter. For added safety choose one with a tip-over switch which will turn off the heater if it overturns.

Suitable for: Personal warmth, small rooms.

Micathermic Heaters
Micathermic heaters are perfect for the energy-conscious user. With the innovative combination of convection heating and radiant heating, this type of heater reaches max heat output faster than other heaters making it the fastest of the heating options. These heat the air as well as providing surface heating.

Suitable for: Medium to large sized rooms


Panel Heaters
Panel heaters draw air over an expanded heated metal panel surface and discharge heated air into the room. They make the perfect complimentary heater alongside other heating solutions (e.g. heatpump) because the low wattage models are effective at taking the chill out of a room.

Control the climate in your living space with an adjustable thermostat to provide you the maximum amount of comfort.

Suitable for: Small to medium sized rooms

Radiant Heaters
Radiant heating incorporates either halogen or quartz tubes as a heat source. Easily transportable, this heater is ideal for keeping around your house. This heater is mainly used for personal heating.
Suitable for: Small to large size rooms, but ideal for personal heating

Alternative Heating

Want to heat the whole room with ease?
Heat pumps are the most energy efficient form of heating. They are mounted on the wall which lets you save space on the floor and you don’t have to worry about bumping into them. Heat pumps are perfect for large rooms that require an even heating system. They also help dehumidify your room and act as air conditioners during hotter days.


Make it better with some personal comfort
Warm up your bed with a heated fleece throw or a fitted electric blanket. They will stop you from having the uncomfortable feeling you get from cold bedding.

Dehumidify your space
A dehumidifier will make your room easier to heat by removing the excess moisture in the air so you won’t have to deal with damp spots. Most dehumidifiers also act as purifiers so you’re breathing fresher and cleaner air.

Save money on heating

24 Hour Timers 

A heater with a timer built in, is not only efficient; it can also save you money. Switching the heater on and off automatically will help save you money.

Automatically shuts the system off if the temperature gets too warm, while also allowing you to decide on a temperature range that fits your requirements.

Fan only mode
A heater with a fan only mode can act as a 2 in 1, keeping your home cosy in the winter and cooling you down during those hot summer months.

These will extract the moisture from the air and dry the area around you. This will make your heaters more effective as they will be able to heat the air with extra efficiently.

Heat your home safely

Positioning of your heater is important; make sure to have at least 1 metre clearance from anything hazardous like furniture and curtains. Avoid placing the heater anywhere where it could be easily knocked over. 

For safety conscious users, it is a good idea to look for a heater that has a tip-over switch, which will immediately shut off the heater if it is knocked over or tilted out of place. 

In an effort to reduce fire hazards, it is a good idea to regularly clean your heater of dust. It is recommended to plug your heater directly into the wall socket. Do not place your heater in any small enclosed spaces i.e. wardrobes. 

Don’t forget to turn your electric blanket off! If you’re forgetful, look into one with a timer which will automatically switch the blanket off if you forget.