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When getting a first device it’s important to get prepared to navigate the digital world. We’ve teamed up with Life Education and Harold the giraffe to support young people to learn about online safety and digital wellbeing. Harold’s Tech Tips is an interactive resource for young people to work through with whānau. Together you’ll learn how to keep safe online, what to do if things go wrong, how to keep a balance and remain happy and healthy – and more!

Our partnership with Life Education Trust

Noel Leeming support Life Education Trust’s work, helping kiwi students to learn about digital wellbeing and online safety. 

Life Education Trust educate over 250,000 tamariki and rangatahi each year, empowering them to make positive choices for their health and wellbeing.

The challenges that young people face to their health and wellbeing are ever changing, and technology and the online space is an area that can present many issues and risks for young people, but can also be really beneficial when kids are equipped with skills and knowledge to use it responsibly and safely. That’s why Life Education teach rangatahi across Aotearoa about online safety, critical thinking skills, respectful relationships, how to deal with online bullying and where to go for help.

 Learn more about the work of Life Education Trust at:

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