Product details

Model: HUE498713 Product Id: N215719
Get a gradient of reactive, colorful light for your gaming setup! Attach the Play gradient lightstrip to the backs of your 24"-27" triple-monitor setup with the included mounts. Start syncing with the Hue Sync desktop app to see the action on your screen reflected in the light.

Features & Benefits

  • A halo of reactive light - Step into your character's world with a brilliantly colourful, boldly immersive gaming experience.
  • Ultimate light experience - Get a seamless gradient of rich, high-quality light. Each colour along the lightstrip flows naturally into one another, creating a unique effect.
  • Made for monitors - The Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC mounts to the back of your single- or triple-monitor setup, bending easily around its corners.
  • Supercharge your surround lighting - When used with other colour-capable Philips Hue lights, you unleash the full power of surround lighting.
  • Control with the desktop app - With the Hue Sync desktop app, you can sync your Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC to the content on your screen.
  • Personalise the experience - Switch modes, change the intensity and create shortcuts in the app for a personal experience every time you game.
  • Available for Mac and PC - Get the Hue Sync desktop app for free on your OS or Windows computer.
  • Easy to install - The Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC comes in three sizes for single- and triple-monitor setups, and includes mounting clips, making it easy to attach to the back of your monitor.
  • Blend multiple colours of light - Colours flow naturally into one another, blending together and shining against the wall for a unique effect behind your monitor.
  • Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC requires Hue Bridge.