Interest Free - Purple Visa Card

Purple Visa Card – The flexible credit card with simple rewards

Not only can you use your Purple Visa Card for everyday purchases, but you also have the option of long-term Interest Free finance for those larger purchases*.

Why you should get a Purple Visa Card

If you’re wanting to purchase something larger or have the flexibility of spreading out the payment over time, you can use your Purple Visa Card for those long-term interest free purchases.

Plus, every time you use your Purple Visa Card for your everyday purchase, anywhere that Visa is accepted, helps you earn Purple Dollars. The more you use your Purple Visa Card for eligible transactions, the more Purple Dollars you’ll earn to spend at participating retailers*.

For every $150 you spend, you'll earn 1 Purple Dollar. We’ve kept things simple - 1:1 reward ratio. For example, 20 Purple Dollars equals $20 NZD.

How do you apply?

Apply now at or call us on 0800 801 808.

*At participating retailers. Visit for participating retailers and full terms and conditions. Purple Dollars aren't earned on long-term interest free transactions.

Promotional Terms

At Noel Leeming, we offer a range of interest-free promotional terms, allowing you to choose the option that best suits you. Only the 6 and 12 months are consistently available, where higher interest-free terms are during promotion periods only. 

Interest-free offers:

  • 6 MONTHS INTEREST-FREE on eligible purchases over $250.
  • 12 MONTHS INTEREST-FREE on eligible purchases over $250.
  • 30 MONTHS INTEREST-FREE on eligible purchases over $499. Ends Tuesday 9th March 2021 at 11:59 pm.

Terms and Conditions

Product & Purple Visa offers begin Wednesday 3 March 2021 and end Tuesday 9 March 2021, unless otherwise stated or while stocks last. Personal shoppers only, trade not supplied. Flybuys consist of 1 Flybuys for every $50 of cumulative spend at Noel Leeming over a 12-month period. Noel Leeming Flybuys and Flybuys Membership Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for more details.

#30 months interest free available on finance of $499 and over using Purple Visa Card, a brand of Warehouse Money. All finance is subject to Purple Visa Card Terms and Conditions, credit criteria and rates and fees (including $55 establishment fee and $55 annual fees). Visit for full Terms and Conditions and Rates and Fees. Prevailing interest rate (currently 22.90% p.a.) applies to any outstanding balance on the expiry of the interest free period. Minimum monthly repayments (3% of the outstanding balance or $20, whichever is the greater) must be made during the interest free period. If you make only the minimum monthly payment, you will not pay off your interest free transaction amount within the promotional period. So, if you can, always pay more than the minimum amount due. Advertised credit offer is available instore and online and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Noel Leeming promotional offer. Includes Apple Mac, iPad and Apple watch. *Excludes Apple iPhones, Drones and Galaxy S, Fold and Note mobile phone range. Excludes Noel Leeming Clearance Centres. For more information contact us on 0800 44 44 88

Rates and Fees

Minimum monthly repayments are required during the interest free period, and the prevailing interest rate will apply to any outstanding balance on the expiry of the interest free period.

Establishment Fee - A one-off charge of $55 is charged to your account when you make your first transaction.

Annual fee - A fee of $55 is charged one year after your account is opened and annually thereafter

Click here for Terms and Conditions that apply to the Purple Visa Card.