E-Waste Recycling & Disposal Services

Responsibly recycle your e-waste with Noel Leeming

In New Zealand, e-waste is increasing at a rate three times faster than municipal waste streams, with the average Kiwi generating more than 21kg of unwanted and end-of-life e-products each year. We hope this programme will help New Zealand divert a significant amount of e-waste from landfills, and recover precious resources to be recycled.

Noel Leeming, in partnership with Tech Collect NZ, is offering free e-waste collection at 27 of our stores nationwide.

We can help you recycle a wide range of e-waste products at any one of our participating stores. Simply take it to the customer service desk, drop it off and we’ll take care of the rest.

There are some limitations to what we can accept, so be sure to check the list of accepted items and delete any of your personal data prior to drop off.

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We accept personal and laptop computers and all cables.

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We accept tablets, notebooks and palmtops.

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We accept computer monitors and parts (e.g. internal hard drives and CD drives).

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We accept computer peripherals and accessories (e.g. mice, keyboards, web cameras, USBs and modems).

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We accept printers, scanners, and multi-function devices.

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We accept cameras and video cameras.