Microsoft Cables, Chargers and Adapters

  • Microsoft Surface Dock


    $ 359.99
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    Turn your ultraportable Surface into a desktop PC and boost your productivity with Surface Dock. Compatible with Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book

    • 2 mini display ports
    • 1 Gigabit ethernet port
    • 4 USB 3.0 ports
    • 1 Audio out port
    • SurfaceConnect cable
    • External power supply
    • Works with Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Pro 3
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Black


    $ 99.99
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    Wirelessly send what's on your phone, tablet or laptop to your big-screen HDTV or monitor

    • Audio and video receiver
    • Pairing with multiple devices
    • LPCM Audio format support
    • Upto 6.98 metres RF range
    • All Miracast-enabled Windows 8.1 devices, including Surface 2, Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Pro 3, and Miracast-enabled Android devices 4.2.1 and later (full functionality not available with non-HDCP devices)
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Microsoft Surface Book Power Supply Unit


    $ 179.99
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    Effortlessly and quickly charge your Surface Book with this versatile 102-watt power supply, which includes an additional USB port for charging another device at the same time.

  • Microsoft Surface Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter


    $ 69.99
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    Designed for Surface, this proprietary VGA adapter lets you share photos, video, and presentations in a way that's larger than life.

  • Microsoft Surface USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter


    $ 69.99
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    Instantly connect your Surface to your network using the SuperSpeed Ethernet Adapter. Plug this adapter into your USB 3.0 port to get online, share files, and print with data transfer rates of up to 1Gbps.

  • Microsoft Surface Ethernet Adaptor 3.0


    $ 46.97

    Surface Ethernet Adaptor 3.0