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Enhance your Playstation gaming experience with a wide range of accessories from Noel Leeming. We have what you need if you're either hard-core or a casual player. Come in and browse hundreds of accessories from Powerwave, Turtle Beach, Sony and Gamequip for your PlayStation gaming system, from Bluetooth headsets to Playstation controllers and all the equipment you need to build the ultimate console. These consoles allow you to communicate with your friends online as you play such updated favorite games as Call of Duty 3: Advanced Warfare with a Sony Playstation Bluetooth wireless headset -- get an official Sony PS3 wireless controller and you have freedom of movement to play from anywhere in the room. Invest in a significant upgrade of your gaming experience with the PlayStation Move starter pack, which works with a motion-detection cameras to track your movements and translates the action to the characters on the screen. We can provide you with the PlayStation DualShock 3 charging dock, the Sony PS Blu-ray remote control, Mad Catz PlayStation HDMI cable, glow-in-the-dark PS3 Afterglow controllers and anything else you need.

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