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PlayStation 4 offers the next generation of powerful, high definition and fully immersive gaming. Featuring a bevvy of new innovations, including the new DualShock®4 controller, voice command technology, and social capabilities, Sony’s latest creation is expected to revolutionise the console gaming experience.

PS4 is part of an eighth generation of video game consoles, and was announced as the successor of the PlayStation 3 in February 2013, with gaming enthusiasts around the globe rushing out to pre-order in anticipation of the official release.

Designed with an all-encompassing theme of what Sony has described as a ‘frictionless and seamless’ gaming experience, the PlayStation 4 console features the kind of angular appearance Sony has become so well-known for, as well as powerful, high-quality technology.

Gamers are able to enhance their gaming experience with a wide range of innovative PlayStation 4 accessories, including the ability to connect not two, but four highly sensitive new generation DualShock®4 controllers.

Of course, the icing on the PS4 cake is the wide array of PlayStation 4 games available on the platform, designed with the most incredible and realistically immersive graphics. There is something for every gamer; from strategy and adventure games that put the player right in the middle of the action, to family-oriented sports, trivia and music games designed to be fun, interactive and challenging for all skill levels.

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