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  • Bluetooth control handheld monopod selfie stick for iOS and Android with telescopic phone holder for your smartphone.Great for taking selfie & group photo anytime anywhere.

    • Max load capacity:500g
    • Length of extension:235-1005mm
    • Charging voltage :5V
    • Charging time:1hour
    • Standby time : 100 hours
    • Support system: Android 3.0 and iOS 4 and above
  • No more lost lens caps. Your lens cap stays attached to your camera, ready to use when you are finished taking photos.

    • Attaches to cap with adhesive pad
    • Simply clips on to the camera strap eyelet
    • Lens cap stays with camera at all times
  • Hahnel Wired remote shutter release for all Canon Digital SLR Cameras.

    • Auto focus
    • Lock in continuous shutter release
    • Bulb exposure function
    • 2m wired cable
  • An easy,cost effective and extremelly effective way to soften harsh hot spots and burnout, caused by direct flash. Perfect for portraits, macro photography, and general close up product photography. Removes hotspots and burnt out overexposed areas, leaving a soft and natural exposure. Pack includes White, Blue and Yellow filters.

  • The Roll Bar Mount can be fixed firmly on wide range of diameters with 2 types of bundled belts, not only on cylindrical shapes but also on various other shapes. You can enjoy realistic video shooting as never before from any preferred angle by attaching the camera on the bottom of a bicycle, etc.

    • Easy and fast to detach
    • Excellent stability when mounted because rubber is attached on the back side of the belt
    • Suitable for shooting in various angles and in varied situations, suchas bicycle, motorsports, windsurfing and boat
  • Quick release plate for Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod.

  • Quick Release Plate for INCA I5858D Tripod.

  • The mount adaptor offers the flexibility to shoot with the entire EF and EF-S range of lenses when using the EOS M body. AF is possible when using the Mount Adapter. Whether it?s macro, wide-angle, standard, telephoto or super telephotolenses, your creativity is limitless with the new mount adapter.

    • Enables EF (including EF-S series) lenses to be used with the EOS M System*
    • AF is possible when using the Mount Adapter
    • Ultra convenient, ensuring you can use your existing EF lenses, plus any future EF lens purchases*
    • Compact in size and lightweight

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