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  • LG 42 Litre Inverter Microwave


    $ 359.99
    7 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 24 September 2019.

    Get cooking with the LG 42L Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel.With a capacity of 42 litres, this microwave features a fully body door with a stainless finish, Smart Inverter, EasyClean Cavity, auto sensor cook, an LED white lamp, and a stable ring.

    • H 308 x W 544 x D 432mm
    • Fast cooking with 1200W of power
    • Interior anti-bacterial coating
    • Stable turntable
    • More even heating of food
  • Panasonic 25 Litre Microwave


    $ 229.99
    4 Fly Buys points

    With 5 variable power levels the NN-ST34HBQPQ compact 25 litre microwave oven allows so many different types of foods to be defrosted, reheated ad cooked quickly. With features such as auto menu cooking,auto reheat and turbo defrost, the NN-ST34HBQPQ is super easy to use, and also easy to clean thanks to the acrylic lining.

    • H 279 x W 488 x D 395mm
    • 800 watts
    • Touch control
    • LCD display
    • 28mm turntable
    • Auto reheat
    • Turbo defrost
    • 5 variable power levels
    • Child safety lock
  • Samsung 23 Litre Microwave


    $ 209.00
    4 Fly Buys points

    This compact microwave comes well featured with rapid defrost and a durable ceramic enamel cavity which has virtually no odour transfer.

    • H 275 x W 489 x D 380mm
    • Electronic controls
    • 800 watts
    • Ceramic enamel cavity
    • Rapid defrost
    • 6 power levels
    • Auto cool
  • Samsung 32 Litre Black Stainless Microwave


    $ 369.99
    7 Fly Buys points

    Not only can this Samsung 32L Microwave cook or reheat your food, it has a keep warm function so your loved ones can come home and enjoy warm food anytime.

    • Large 32L capacity
    • Ceramic Enamel interior with a 10 year warranty on the cavity
    • 1000 Watts
    • Sensor Cook
    • Keep Warm Function
    • Soften/Melt Function
  • Sharp 34 Litre Sensor Microwave


    $ 429.00
    8 Fly Buys points

    This 1200W Midsize microwave is perfect for the whole family and can be used for everyday defrosting, cooking and reheating of your favourite meals. This microwave features a Smart Inverter for faster and more even heating, a Smart humidity sensor for a more intuitive approach to cooking and LED text guidance for ease of use. This microwave has 23 Auto Menus which have been developed to make defrosting, cooking and reheating your favourite dishes at home a breeze.

    • H 315 x W 520 x D 410mm
    • Inverter technology for even cooking and accurate power control
    • 1200 watts
    • Sensor feature to take the guess work out of cooking times
    • Auto cook and auto weight defrost menus
    • 2 stage programme cooking
    • LED lighting
    • Kitchen timer function
    • Child lock function for safety
  • Panasonic 27 Litre Flatbed Convection Microwave


    $ 527.00
    10 Fly Buys points

    The Panasonic Flatbed Inverter Convection Microwave Oven does all the hard work for you, making your life in the kitchen easy. Panasonic's Inverter Technology makes sure that when cooking or reheating, food is heated evenly, while improving texture and flavour. And now, Panasonic's new Flatbed technology takes away the need for a cooking turntable, giving you up to 30% more workspace, without reducing the oven capacity.

    • H 326 x W 529 x D 494mm
    • Inverter technology
    • 1000 watts
    • Mirror door
    • Child safety lock
    • Convection, grill and microwave oven in one
    • Easy to clean
    • Turbo defrost
    • Visit for more details. Ends 12/11/18.
  • Panasonic 27 Litre Combination Steam Microwave


    $ 999.00
    19 Fly Buys points

    Genuine steam cooking has now become easier. It's compact, but it makes speedy, steam cooked meals. Steaming can also be combined with grilling, oven and microwave cooking to greatly expand the variety of foods on your family's table.

    • H 347 x W 512 x D 400mm
    • Inverter technology
    • 1380 watts
    • Simultaneous combination cooking
    • 100% turbo steam
    • Crispy grill
    • Large area flat cavity
    • Visit for more details. Ends 12/11/18.
  • Samsung 34 Litre Sensor Microwave


    $ 299.00
    5 Fly Buys points

    Samsung sets the benchmark for microwave diversity, design and performance. This model has sensor technology which utilises artificial intelligence to automatically check food conditions and calculate the ideal cooking process and time.

    • H 297 x W 523 x D 415mm
    • Sensor technology
    • 1000 watts
    • Ceramic enamel interior
    • Auto defrost and auto reheat
    • 10 power levels for cooking versatility
    • Child lock function for safety
    • 320mm turntable diameter
    • One touch instant cook pads
    • Triple distribution system
  • Award 30 Litre Integrated Microwave Oven


    $ 429.00
    8 Fly Buys points

    Award built-in 30L microwave with grill.

    • H 388 x W 595 x D 400mm + Grill
    • 30L Capacity
    • 900W Microwave Power
    • 1100W Grill
    • Digital Control with LED Display
    • Speed Cook
    • 8 Automatic Menu options
    • Child Lock for Controls
    • 315mm Turntable
  • Panasonic 34L Inverter Combination Microwave


    $ 1299.99
    25 Fly Buys points

    Space-saving 34L Inverter & Combination Microwave Oven with an award-winning sleek stainless steel design. The One-Push Reheating function and healthy Junior Menu options help with the easy preparation of healthy meals for the whole family.

    • 1000W Inverter Microwave Power - 7 Power
    • 1300W Quartz Grill & Convection
    • 30 Auto Programs