USB-C Buying Guide

Wondering what USB-C, also known as USB Type-C is and what it means for you? Learn below why USB-C cables are the connecting cables of the future and how you can be in front of this growing trend.

What is USB-C?

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USB-C, also known as USB Type-C is the latest connector developed by the USB Implementers' Forum (USB-IF), a group of industry leaders within the consumer electronics community, such as Apple, Intel, Dell, and Belkin. As many of the world's most recognized manufacturers are supporting this new technology, it is likely to be widely adopted. USB-C will gradually replace previous USB types, plus, as future devices are equipped with the new USB-C port, which is smaller than its predecessors, it's likely these devices will also be thinner and lighter than ever before.

Benefits of USB-C

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  • Performs better - see our ‘why is it better?’ section
  • Easier to use - its design is simpler than predecessors
  • Here for the future - global support across the industry means it will be here today, and tomorrow
  • Universal - all major tech companies are embracing USB-C which means your day-to-day devices will be able to share the same cable
  • Smaller - USB-C is smaller than its predecessors meaning that laptops and tablets will be thinner and lighter

Why is USB-C better?

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There are heaps of benefits that catapult USB-C to the leadership position of connectors.

USB-C is easier to use. With a reversible connector, meaning it can be inserted either way - there is no up or down. Additionally it’s truly universal - connect your smartphone, laptop, digital cameras and more.

The performance is impressive. For a start it’s really, really fast. USB-C can transfer data up to 10Gbps (gigabits per second). Or an entire high definition feature-length movie in just 30 seconds. That's up to 20 times faster than USB2.0. With up to 100 watts or 3 amps of power you will be able power almost anything. Plus USB-C can deliver Ultra-HD 4k video resolution.

It’s the new standard. USB-C isn’t just a new development, it’s a new standard. Which means that everything it promises — speed, ease of use, universality — can be applied to all sorts of devices. With this much potential it'll be around for much longer.

  • Faster speeds - transfer data at faster speed (up to 10Gbps). Fast enough to transfer a year's worth of music in 10 minutes.
  • More power - Power and charge devices such as laptops, tablets and phones very quickly (up to 100 watts and 3 Amps of power).
  • Better quality - Deliver high quality audio and video (4k / Ultra-HD)